Thursday, March 31

Katy Perry Rocks Right Now and Pop Makes a Comeback

Not that I lost any faith in pop music but driving two hours a day to the same Rhianna and Pitbull songs does make you go a little crazy sometimes. I have been known to hate on Katy Perry-MAINLY because that song California Girls is pure awfulness.

1) The Beach Boys already made a song about California girls and it was way better
2) Aqua and the band that sang I'm Blue Dab a Dee in the 90's don't make music like that or at all anymore. For a reason.
3) Don't be a bad ass and come out saying how you kiss girls and then turn around and pull some bubble gum pop bullshit that Britney put on "Baby One More Time.." as a filler. If I wanted to listen to that I'd just pull up Soda Pop and be done with it.

Besides that one slip up though I do love most of Katy Perry's songs. They don't sound like Lady Gaga, Rhianna, or Britney and she's slightly more bad ass without being crazy in general, crazy because Chris Brown beat you up, or crazy because everyone in the media follows you around and sometimes you shave your head and beat cars up with umbrellas.

Her new single E.T. is pretty great. It sounds like that T.A.T.U song that came out back in the day except instead about lesbians its about Aliens. Entertainment weekly wants us to believe that it wouldn't have been a single if not for Kanye's verses on it BUT I come to Katy's defense in this one. The song is awesome and so is the video. She has a way of making her music sounds more complex than typical female pop singers even if it is about doing it with your alien boyfriend. Of course Kanye jumped on this track! You think he's gonna miss an opportunity to rap about having sex with someone not human? No chance! Kanye definitely makes the song more awesome because I mean. He's Kanye. But we all knew that. Katy holds her own in this one though and I think that even without Kanye this song would rock.

Check it out and see what you think


ps. everyone should definitely check out Britney's new cd. I think it's super fun.


  1. Absolutely that song sounds like that tatu song. I love it it's my fav song of hers so far, at this moment, I mean firework is a classic

  2. great post. She had me at hot&cold. I wasn't into California girls, but damn, i LOVE teenage dream, forever.