Thursday, March 31

the X factor

I was introduced to this new French tv show during my visit to France this past week, and I'm  obsessed with it. X-factor originated in the UK as a take-off from American Idol, and now there's X-factor shows happening all over the world. I hated American Idol, but I love this because not only are the judges awesome (and not out of control brutal), but there are also actually a bunch of good singers each show. There are of course also others who are ridiculous and try to sing songs in English with the thickest French accents possible. The first three episodes are open auditions, and the top 140 get to move onto the second round in Paris.
the judges: Olivier Schultheis, Christophe Willem, Véronic DiCaire (Québecois), Henry Padovani (original guitarist for the Police)
Here's a clip from the second episode of the audition of one of my favorite contestants, Florian Giustiniani. For the non-French speakers, to sum up, he's 19, he wants to be a musician and right now he's at university and doing side jobs like being a pizza maker. (There's a special french word for "pizza maker", which is cute). His biggest fan is his grandpa, and the judges make fun of him for looking like Justin Bieber. My fav part after he sings is when Véronic (who looks like Meg Ryan) asks him how old he is, and then freaks out all over the place at his being only 19.

blogger isn't letting me find the youtube video, so click here to watch it

The judge in the blue shirt reminds me of towers, anyone else see it?

I'm not sure if the website will let you watch the full episodes in the USA, but try. Episodes are up the morning after, I think it airs on Tuesdays. here's the website with all of the episodes

and after tweeting a few times with edzachery's twitter account I've caved and made my own. I've found some of you already, check it: yoluceface.


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