Tuesday, March 8

Guys, we're in trouble!

Let's say a beautiful woman is walking down the street, naturally, she draws a certain level of your attention, and though you want to check out what she's working with, you know you can't just drop your jaw and start cat calling her like your working construction, you gotta be sly, you gotta be slick, you wanna make sure she doesn't notice you noticing her, right!?!? So you wait for her to pass, then all of a sudden you have that uncontrollable urge to try and bite your own shoulder, and lo and behold, the goods!

This is pretty much "checking out a girl 101," and every guy on earth has spent his formidable years perfecting his "move" that will optimize viewership while minimize being caught. The only reason this works is because every guy is absolutely certain that his "move" is so good that it can't ever be detected by anyone in his surroundings, especially the object of his affection.

Well, this video pretty much exposes us for the dogs that we truly are, the only good news in all this is that it seems girls are just as guilty...


1 comment:

  1. I bet the writers of hall pass are wicked bummed this is coming out now and not a few months ago so they coulda popped it in the movie