Thursday, March 24

Fuck Chris Brown

I hate Chris Brown forever.
Chris Brown has been in the news lately for freaking out on Good Morning America.
Chris Brown sucks.
His new song with Busta Rhymes and Lil Wayne is great, ugh.
Fuck Chris Brown.
Never Forget.


  1. i agree with everything in this post.

    he looked like the HUGEST douche on GMA. all "buy my album" "lets not talk about the past" ... eff. that.

    he has never seemed sorry. and clearly those anger management classes did nothing! on twitter he was all "people celebrate charlie sheen for his faults, but everyone hates on me for mine" ... dude. im pretty sure no one is celebrating sheen right now. DUDE. YOU SUCK.

    good song though. :/

  2. Thank you Johnny. Busta makes that song so sick.