Wednesday, May 30

I Dreamed A Dream...and this is definitely a dream come true.


Holy shit.

Anne Hathaway - Fantine.
Hugh Jackman - Jean Valjean
Russel Crowe - Inspector Javert
Amanda Seyfried - Cosette
Eddie Redmayne - Marius
Samantha Barks - Eponine

I teared up in the trailer.


Monday, May 28


music videos used to be the cats pajamas. now they seem like a lost art. few bands have translated that art to the youtube era like OK Go.

probably most famous for their impressive tread mill dance routine or their awesomely viral This Too Shall Pass (36 million views), OK Go has been on a tear the past few years.

like marching bands? they got you covered.

need something a little more wtf? yes please. (not to be confused with WTF?)

stop motion, creatively leotarded crotch shots, muppets using humans as puppets? 

check, check and check. 

there's this couple waltzing through the color spectrum. and my personal favorite:

(one of the dogs in white knuckles is a sheep!)

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Saturday, May 26

My Drunk Kitchen with Hannah Hart

This is a phenomena that I have known about for a few months but have never seriously watched until last night, when I watched all of the videos I could find.

Hannah Hart is the hostess of a Youtube channel called My Drunk Kitchen, wherein she gets drizzled and then cooks things. Making jokes along the way and usually dropping the ingredients, Ms. Hart is a pinnacle of American culinary majesty. I hope you enjoy these three examples.

"Vodka Latkes!"

"Some people only like to have egg whites in your omelette, and...that's a good way to make your omelette...shitty."

"Here's a drunk kitchen fact. Here's a drunk kitchen fact. Here's a drunk kitchen tip. What's the different between a fact and a tip?"


Wednesday, May 23

The Great Gatsby Trailer

The best thing about summer movies, other than the movie themselves, are the previews before summer movies. So I apologize for the onslaught of trailers flooding EdZachery, but I can't keep this to myself. And I'd like to be able to easily watch it daily.

Please enjoy the triumphant return of genius Baz Luhrman and dreamboat-y Leonardo DiCaprio.


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Tuesday, May 22

Anchorman: The Legend Continues

I got your back, al.


5 Reasons to Go to Berlin

Last Tuesday at 4:10 P.M. I handed in my third of three papers written that day,  grabbed my suitcase, and boarded a plane to Berlin. Wellesley College, bless its soul, gave my 6 seminar mates and I an early graduation present in the form of an all-expenses paid trip to Berlin for 5 days, as the "excursion" for our final 300-level seminar on Berlin. To highlight how ridiculous my school is, they even gave us each 200 euros for "cultural expenses" and "food". And did not ask for receipts.

So, I had the best time.

For all of you thinking maybe someday soon to plan a euro-trip, Berlin is a must. Here are five main reasons why:

1. German beer, German wine, German food. Believe me, it is amazing. and even if you don't like German style food (very meat and potato heavy, starchy!) well, Berlin is also a culinary capitol with fantastic restaurants of every genre and flavor. I had amazing Austrian food as well as typical German, Turkish (the famous Dönner Kebab is a must-have), Thai, and Vietnamese. Oh, don't forget Falafel too. and in the springtime, every restaurant has a zillion fresh asparagus dishes and fruit pies/strudels/cheesecakes on hand.
Kaiserschmarrn: sugary pancakes cut up
and eaten with plum sauce
The Kebab with lamb meat,
best washed down with a cold beer

2. Architecture+History. In my opinion, Berlin is one of the easiest cities to understand without actually needing a crazy intense tour guide. You can literally walk through any major square and be able to easily identify buildings from the last 10 years, the DDR horribly ugly weird buildings of the Cold War period, the even more terrifying buildings of the Nazi Regime (huge, grey stone, and basically every one looks like it could be part of a concentration camp-literally) and then the beautiful few buildings remaining from before the war. There is actually a part of Berlin that is kind of like Disney land...totally fake. But that Nikolaiviertel is utterly quaint and beautiful and still worth visiting, to think in awe of what the city had been, compared to what it has experienced. I would put Berlin at the top of the list of cities that have undergone the most turmoil, destruction, rebuilding, and transformation in one single century. Each new political regime, beginning with the Kaiser up to WW1, the Nazis, the split-city BRD, DDR time period, and then post-fall of the wall 1989 to today "democracy" has brought a completely new "look" to the city. It can be weird to handle at times; history is literally piled on top of itself in this city.

you know, just a church in the
middle of the street
Home of the Olympics, 1936, where Jesse Owens
would take 4 gold medals. Only a few years later would this style of architecture mean something entirely different to the world. Freaking creepy.
3. Culture. Berlin has it all. You want hipster experimental theater doing weird versions of "End Game" in German and a new interpretation of Hamlet, you've got it. But if that's not your thing, there's opera, vaudeville, a philharmonia boasting some of the best musicians in the world, and some smaller dirty venues with great local beers and even better local and international acts. Don't forget the Berlin film festival and the chance to see old films in the remaining grand cinemas of the twenties. There is always something amazing going on at night, and then during the day you'll find impromput flea markets to keep you entertained as well. Or you could always take one of the beer bicycle tours:
a lot of catcalls and waving came our way, a group of 7 smartly dressed ladies...
4. Graffiti and art movements. I think I posted last year while abroad about the graffiti in Berlin. This time I visited a lot of new areas and thus, found a ton of new graffiti. So awesome. Hipster-ish Berlin artists are pretty cool, and not stuck up like the French.
nuns? owls? who knows.

5. The Museums. Check out my post about the Pergamon Museum here. That's my favorite. Last year I hit all of the major museums in Berlin, which were super, but this year I got to do a couple of less-visited ones. Berlin is home to the world's original Gay Museum, literally called that ("Schwules Museum", which is odd because "schwule" has kind of a negative connotation...?) and lemme tell you, it was fantastic. My hotel was right next to Berlin's Erotic Museum, which was also great. The set of ivory lady toys in various sizes in a mahogany box engraved with the message "for your pleasure" from the 18th century was a personal fav. Then in the Berlin Synagoge, which is incredibly beautiful, there was an incredible exhibit of photography from the only man to document the instating of Israel as a Jewish state in 1948. Oh, then across the street from the synagoge is a building called Tacheles, which got overrun by squatter artists 10 years ago who graffiti-ed the whole thing inside and out, started selling their work to tourists, and made so much money that the landlords have let them stay ever since.
the synagogue, only this front facade and a few rooms was restored,
the rest of the inside is gone forever after being bombed during WWII.

So there's my sales pitch.

If you weren't convinced, well, maybe, if you move to Berlin you could get one of these too:
a tiny do-it-yourself froyo truck!!
soon-to-be post-grad germanic enthusiast

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Monday, May 21

The Master

Joaquin Phoenix is back, he is drinking rocket fuel, and he feel strong. Also Philip Seymour Hoffman and Amy Adams.

I saw I'm Still Here and it made me feel the kind of awesome awkwardness that only TGIF could make me feel  .
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Ted Williams' "Call Me Maybe"

The Homeless Man with the Golden Voice throws in one snap for sass.

I've read Time Magazine forever.
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Saturday, May 19

On The Spot: Kobe

Celebrities  are always being interviewed. And asked a million questions and always being recorded. Its understandable that sometimes you might say something because it seems like the right thing to do at the time and its easy and it'll be funnyish. And then when you hear an interview of even a snippet or a soundbite and it dings in that deep forgotten part of your brain with all that stuff you know to be true and how to google it specifically so you can see it again. Anyhows, Kobe You're On The Spot.

Kobe was asked what he thought of Russell Westbrook's Style.

" its a generational thing. weird glasses, skinny jeans. I'm glad I wasn't growing up in this generation." -Kobe

When I heard that this is what ding'd in my brain.

All I had to do was Google "Kobe Pilgrim"

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You're vs. Your

Over the beat of Somebody I Used To Know this rapper explains the differences of You're vs. Your. He goes hard.

forgetting grammar, is that even grammar, everyday

Thursday, May 17

Anchorman: The Legend Continues

Update: The Bootleg of the Anchorman Teaser has been taken down. Hope you caught it while it was up. If not all I can give you is the poster.

This one is for own our Rob Burgundy.


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Monday, May 14

The New J.J Abram show - Revolution - Looks pretty cool. 

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Wednesday, May 9

Not a Normal Wednesday

Let's face it, we've all heard the news.
But it deserves a place on the awesome blog.

So for your reading and viewing pleasure, here are some of the best articles and videos all in one place, documenting President Obama's official statement that he loves love and thinks erryone has a right to get married.

The New York Times

The Washington Post

The Huffington Post

Below is an earlier interview with Obama regarding same-sex marriage and his definition of marriage. I love that the audience starts clapping at his whole "man and woman" spiel, but the man has more to say. And he damn straight says it.

I'll drink a beer to that.


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Saturday, May 5

Amazing Spiderman Trailers

Don't get me wrong, I'm excited for Dark Knight Rises. But the Heath Ledger-less final chapter of that excellent trilogy doesn't quite have me as amped up as the re-boot of Spiderman. I'm a huge fan of Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone, the rest of the cast is great and honestly, it looks a little more fun. I can't imagine Bane's scenes being as fun to watch as the Joker's were.

I could get surprised, but for now, here are the two latest trailers for The Amazing Spiderman, that radically have very different content.

-av, amazing spider-fan

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Friday, May 4

Just a friendly reminder


(Side note: it already is May, but this is too awesome not to post. I saw it sitting as a draft in the Plus1Press admin and went with it. Thanks, annon poster! - ID)
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Ladies Room: Red Lips

This one is just for the ladies. Okay boys, you can read toobut we're talking about secrets of feminine beauty here. Proceed carefully.

Red lips are back in a big way, and I've always been... uneasy about trying it myself. I'm more of a lip balm kinda person, and lipstick has always intimidated me.

But my love for Joanie and Mad Men-style beauty pushed me over the edge. And I'm happy to report that there's a perfect solution out there for ladies like me.

Revlon Just Bitten Lipstain + Balm (in the color Flame) is amazing. One side's a stain marker, so you can draw on exactly as much (or as little) color as you like, in the perfect shape. The other side is a balm that seals it in. It lasts forever. It's red but not too red. It's insanely flattering for all different complexions. (When I was home last Christmas and hanging with my high school BFFs, they all tried it out and it looked good on everyone.)

In other words, I'm obsessed. And I wanted to pass on the good word.

Senior Lip Color Consultant