Sunday, March 13

N*SYNC Doing That Thing You Do

Don't ask me how I came upon this... but here is N*SYNC performing the title song from the (awesome) '96 movie That Thing You Do! 

I found this especially amusing  because:

  • They're playing instruments! 
  • Lance is playing the keyboard.
  • Justin is shunned to the back of the stage by Joey's drum set.
  • They're wearing baggy velveteen pants.
  • That Chris guy with the dreads looks AWFUL. Why was he allowed in?

This was really just an excuse to post this urgent celebrity gossip:

Thank goodness. -id


  1. there is so much i love about this post. wtf not even giving JT a mic while he plays bass?!?!

    also, jessica was not schweet enough for him, even back in the day when she was posing naked-ish to get fired from 7th heaven.

  2. I had forgotten why i loved JC so much. Bahh hahaa a now I remember ALL TOO CLEARLY. that thing you do is such a great song.

  3. she wasnt sexy enough for him. that thing you do is such a good movie. i could watch it everyday

  4. me too jv, me too. ohhh liv tyler. and tom hanks.