Monday, March 7

i heart strangers

I've been really getting into reading blogs this semester. My Vienna blog is my pilot experience...and so far I have been loving writing it. But now, I find that I not only love blogging myself, but reading others and finding new ones. This could partly be because it takes me a long time to drink my huge cup of coffee in the morning, and I don't like reading the news for more than 10 minutes.

i just happened upon this dude who is an amazing photographer (I have been in a photography kick for like a month now). He's an artist from copenhagen who has been traveling all over the world the past couple of years. I'm going to copy and paste his explanation about the blog entitled "i heart strangers" below, because I love it.  

"hi there. my name is joshua langlais. i've got a thing for people. and i've got another thing for photography. so i am working on ways to combine the two in a worthwhile way. you can see my current and previous projects on here. the first is called "i heart strangers" - my attempt at loving my neighbors. every single day, i went out into the world to seek out someone i had never before met. i introduced myself and asked them if i could photograph them. i took something valuable away from every encounter and did my best to pass that along to you. i started this on september 8, 2008, with the intention of doing it for a year, but i did it for a year and then decided to continue. i eventually stopped after 625 days. you will also see "", which is my attempt to make beautiful photographs of some of the people who don't necessarily qualify as strangers. this is my professional website, a place to see what i am made of, if you will. pass the word along because i want everyone to meet my strangers and friends."

He actually has stopped the strangers project, as of last may, but he has over 600 posts, but I am still excited to catch up on it. He is still posting on his other blog, and that one has some amazing photography as well: I vote if we like it, we should add it to "blogs we like" or whatever on the side.

peace and love.


  1. I love the idea of taking pictures erryday. Once I read abOut a dad who took a pic of his daughter everyday until she was six or so it'd be a great slideshow to look thru

  2. i've heard of that idea too and love it.

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