Sunday, February 26

Oscar Meyer Weiner Predictions 2k12

Last year, I put my Oscar Predictions up and maybe it was good luck, because I did pretty well. 22 out of 24. Not horrible.

However, this year, there are many, MANY more tossups. Director, Lead Actress, Lead Actor, Cinematography and the sound categories are all very close. Viola or Meryl? Marty and Michel? Big one is George or Jean (the George of France)? Will Brad split George's vote, or could Brad even pull ahead in the end? It's gonna be interesting...

Here's my predictions and I'd love to see yours in the comments as well!

Picture:  The Artist
Dark Horse: The Help

Director: Michel Hazanavicius - The Artist
Dark Horse: Martin Scorsese - Hugo

Lead Actor: George Clooney - The Descendants
Dark Horse: Jean Dujardin - The Artist

Lead Actress: Viola Davis - The Help
Dark Horse: Meryl Streep - The Iron Lady

Supporting Actor: Christopher Plummer - Beginners
Dark Horse: Max von Sydow - Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close

Supporting Actress: Octavia Spencer - The Help
Dark Horse: Berenice Bejo - The Artist

Original Screenplay: Woody Allen - Midnight in Paris
Dark Horse:  Michel Hazanavicius - The Artist

Adapted Screenplay: Alexander Payne, Jim Rash, and Nat Faxon - The Descendants
Dark Horse: Aaron Sorkin, Steven Zaillian, and Stan Chervan - Moneyball

Foreign Language Film: A Separation (Iran)
Dark Horse: In Darkness (Poland)

Animated Feature: Rango
Dark Horse: Chico and Rita

Documentary Feature: Undefeated
Dark Horse: Paradise Lost 3

Cinematography: Emmanuel Lubezki - Tree of Life
Dark Horse: Guillaume Schiffman - The Artist

Film Editing: Anne-Sophie Bion and Michel Hazanavicius - The Artist
Dark Horse: Thelma Schoonmaker - Hugo

Art Direction: Dante Ferretti and Francesca Lo Schiavo - Hugo
Dark Horse: Laurence Bennett and Robert Gould - The Artist

Costume Design: Michael O’Conner - Jane Eyre
Dark Horse: Sandy Powell - The Artist

Original Score: Ludovic Bource - The Artist
Dark Horse: Howard Shore - Hugo

Original Song: “Man or Muppet” from The Muppets
Dark Horse: “Real in Rio” from Rio (the only other song)

Sound Mixing: Hugo
Dark Horse: War Horse

Sound Editing: Hugo
Dark Horse: War Horse

Visual Effects: Rise of the Planet of the Apes
Dark Horse: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2

Makeup: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2
Dark Horse: The Iron Lady

Documentary Short: The Tsunami and the Cherry Blossom
Dark Horse: Saving Face

Live Action Short: The Shore
Dark Horse: Raju

Animated Short: The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore
Dark Horse: La Luna

The getting overly dressed for award nights Knight

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Saturday, February 25

Pic of the Day: Real Life Up House

This happened in real life.

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Nat'l Anthem Love

Ever since Whitney died the Star Spangled Banner has been getting some serious love. When Whitney sang the National Anthem at the Super Bowl in 1991 she definitively laid down the best vocal rendition of the National Anthem that has ever been heard and ever will be. Whitney sang the shit out of the song and made it seem easy. Seeing as to how Whitney totally owns the song vocally I wanted to see if I could find any other mind-blowing different and awesome renditions. I couldn't. The image of Whitney slaying every note was too much to overcome. Without further ado here is the Queen of America herself singing the song everyone has sung, only better.

And for something entirely different here is an acoustic version I also like.

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Thursday, February 23

awesome people hanging out together

Ian from work just told me about the AMAZING blog that I think Plus1Press needs to know about. It's called "Awesome people hanging out together".

some examples:
Art Garfunkel, Candice Bergen, Jack Nicholson
the original cast of the Star Wars trilogy
Elijah Wood and Macaulay Culkin
Check it out.

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Tuesday, February 21

Community Returns! March 15th at 8:00pm

While most of the world has sat by quietly, a small but enthusiastic army has been waging war to defend the honor of one of the most critically beloved, audience challenged comedies of all time.

And for now the battle has been won. Community will return to its 8 pm slot on Thursday nights March 15th, as tweeted by Dan Harmon, the creator and Joel McHale, one of the stars.

This is great, but for real, you should probably watch it, because who knows how much longer a show with so much brains but so little marketing push can survive. All the episodes are on Hulu right now, so catch up. And do yourself a favor, skip the first few episodes and go right to Modern Warfare. If that doesn't convince you, nothing will.

Or maybe this?

-av, Soldier in the Foot Army of NBC

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Monday, February 20

Beef Alert: Miranda Lambert hates Chris Brown too

Here at Plus1Press, it's well established that Chris Brown is a tremen-DOUCHE, who should never be allowed on tv, radio or the internet ever again.

So after the Grammy's foolishly invited #fuckChrisBrown to lip-sync not once, but twice, this year and the Grammy voters somehow gave him an award, it was a relief when other musicians weren't shy about expressing their disappointment.

The MVP of Publicly Hating on Chris "My dance moves are as half-assed as my apologies" Brown 2012 goes to Miranda Lambert, who took to twitter shortly after the Grammys.

When Chris Brown hit back (see what I did there?) saying, "HATE ALL U WANT BECUZ I GOT A GRAMMY Now!!! That's the ultimate fuck off," Miranda was unimpressed, replying "I just have to speak my mind because where I come from, beating up on a woman is never OK ... So that's why my daddy taught me early on in life how to use a shotgun...I have a Grammy too"

Later that week, while performing at UMass, she held up a sign that said "Take Notes Chris Brown" and then she sang "Gunpowder and Lead" the best song about killing a man that beats up a lady since "Earl had to die."
So in honor of Miranda Lambert speaking for us all, have a listen:

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Sunday, February 19

Daniel E. Sickles

Daniel E. Sickles was acquitted of murder charges by reason of temporary insanity on February 19, 1859. The acquittal was the first time someone got off by reason of temporary insanity.

Daniel E. Sickles was a New York, Tammany Hall, politician and lawyer who rose through the political ranks until he was a United States congressman, this is all pre Civil War. While Daniel E. Sickles was being a Hot Shit politician he made a bunch of friends, hob nobbing with all the big names and having appointments to other countries. Then when Daniel E. Sickles is 33 his family decides that its time that he is married and they find a nice girl and make it happen. Problem is she is either 15 or 16, pre Civil War here, and they do not know or care for each other at all. Daniel E. Sickles is known for being a hard drinking man about town who is a tireless self promoter and he does not waste much time being faithful to his wife. Daniel E. Sickles has other appointments, one specifically to England where he brought a known Washington-area prostitute, her name was Fanny White, with him instead of his preggers at the time wife. Daniel E. Sickles may have presented Ms. White, Fanny to the Queen as his wife. Whilst Daniel E. Sickles was away on his appointments and infidelities his wife found other company.

Philip Barton Key was the son of Francis Scott Key, the Francis Scott Key. Philip was a district attorney and he was having an affair with the Mrs. Daniel E. Sickles. In early 1859 Daniel E.Sickles murdered Philip Barton Key in Lafayette Square, which is right across the street from the White House.

Daniel E. Sickles  turned himself in after the murder and was taken to the local jail. Whilst in jail Daniel E. Sickles received so many visitors that the main jailer set up Daniel E. Sickles Head Honcho Office so Daniel E. Sickles would have a suitable place to see his guests. President Buchanan did not come to visit, he did write a note though. Daniel E. Sickles had a few fellow Congressmen act as his defense, they came up with the temporary insanity defense, and it worked.

After the trial Daniel E. Sickles and the Mrs. reconciled. Daniel E. Sickles went on to join the Union Army at the outbreak of the Civil War. He spent the early part of his military career drumming up recruits and was successful enough to be promoted quickly rising through the ranks until he eventually was the only Union General who did not have a West Point education. At the Battle of Gettysburg Daniel E. Sickles directly disobeyed an order which he claimed won The Battle for the rest of his life. Gen. Daniel E. Sickles was ordered to take his troops over and onto a Hill and protect it, he decided to go over to it and not onto it staying at the bottom of The Hill.  Daniel E. Sickles lost the bottom of his leg to a cannon ball while protecting the bottom of the Hill during the The Battle and so as to not discourage his troops while being carried through the most deathly field ever he sat upright and smoked a cigar.

Historians still debate whether Daniel E. Sickles should have gone up The Hill or stay at the bottom.. In any event because Daniel E. Sickles was working with 1.5 legs They sent him home to Washington. This being 1863 news did not travel fast and when Daniel E. Sickles got home he went about spreading his version of The Battle. Where the Bottom of the Hill was obvs the place to protect and there was no reason to Court Marshall him or anything nothing like that. Daniel E. Sickles never fell out of favor with the Washington elite, lived until 1914.

Next time you stub your toe and rob a bank just remember Daniel E. Sickles and plead temporary insanity.

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Friday, February 17

Boston Concert Recommendation

Two of my current favorite bands are playing together @ House of Blues in Boston on April 29.

If you like indie pop/rock dance jams, you should definitely go to this show.

Penguin Prison is opening.  I saw them in LA last month: they fucking OWNED the stage.  Their album is great: check it out on Spotify. I have a feeling they could get big.  Also, I ended up partying w' the drummer & keyboard player til 6am: cool dudes.

Miike Snow is headlining.  They are a bit more well-known, are releasing a new album this Spring, and I  am excited to see them at Coachella a few weeks before they head to the East Coast.  Their previous album is on Spotify.  If you still don't have Spotify, I don't think we can be friends anymore.

Rabbit by Miike Snow

So yea, that is my Spring concert recommendation for those of you residing in the Greater Boston Area.  You will dance your face off: I promise.

-DMc, West Coast Correspondent

Sunday, February 12

Here's the Best Animated Short to Root for on Oscar Night

AM will be giving us his expert insight on the major Academy Awards real soon. But get prepared by watching the Animated Short that will almost certainly win: The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore

Pop goes the weasel, indeed.

Best Picture Movie Night Club, member at large

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Tuesday, February 7

90s love

AV, how have I never seen this video before?

In honor of the approaching Valentine's Day, I took out a DVD of 90s love song music videos from the library and watched this and was pretty much bowled over. This has always been one of my favorite songs, and damn, Nuno Bettencourt (guitar, harmonies) and Gary Cherone (main vocals) are KILLING it.


*It hit me full force how our hipster styles are 90s. And it isn't fair that Nuno's hair is perfect, he probably didn't do anything to it since he's Portugese and their hair is just like that.
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SMASHing Super Bowl Promo

NBC is the best network in my opinion.

I'm probably fairly biased, but besides AMC, the only shows I think are cream of the crop are Parks and Recreation, 30 Rock, and Community, all of which appear on NBC.

This is a promo I'm sure everyone missed. It was on a bit before the Super Bowl and I think it should have taken a whole commercial break mid game. It was the best part of all commercials. Seeing the characters from shows like Law and Order sing and dance is ridiculous.

The song is "Brotherhood of Man" from the show How to Succeed in Business without Trying. This is a show on Broadway starring Daniel Radcliffe. Produced by Neil Meron and Craig Zadan, these guys also are the Executive Producers of Smash (another is Spielberg and its gonna be the biggest show on TV or whatever so watch every Monday at 10).

 "Dude, I got SMASHed last night" 
 Drunk on Monday's at 10p/9c Reporter

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Sunday, February 5

It's Miley!

I know Miley! from E! News and magazines and the radio. And most recently from the vh1 top twenty video countdown. I like Miley! Most of her songs are good, Party in the USA anyone?, and her brother has the coolest knuckle tattoos ever. Her dad set the standard for what a good looking mullet looks like back in the day and is currently illustrating what a classic weirdo stage dad looks like. Miley!s new song is a Bob Dylan cover "You're Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go" and it is way better than the original. Miley! recorded the song as part of an Amnesty International fundraiser celebrating 50 years of Amnesty International with a CD of Bob Dylan covers.
Miley! kills it.

Also, to be fair this is the most current picture I could find of Billy Ray Cyrus.
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No Punts Ever

Recently I was watching REAL Sports with Bryant Gumbel and there was a story about a High School football coach from Arkansas who has not Punted the ball since 2009. The Team has won the State Championship the last couple years to boot. The Team also almost always does an onside kick. In the story they annecdoted about the most recent State Championship game where The Team got 28 points before the other team got the ball by scoring on the opening drive and then doing and recovering the ball with three successive onside kicks. The REAL Sports story gets a mathematician involved to give some numbers about how The Coach is actually right and its a great segment. The Team has 11 or 12 different onside kick plays, good stuff.

In a similar but different situation this is a clip of a local news anchor doing the same story, he tries.

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Kim Jong-il

I know very little about Kim Jong-il and have done no further research for this post.

No one knows exactly when Kim Jong-il was born. Kim Jong-il's father was also the supreme leader of North Korea. Kim Jong-il was afraid of flying so he took trains to travel long distances. Kim Jong-il loved lobster. When Kim Jong-il died in December his body was carried through the streets in a car that had a billboard of his face ontop of it. This is the picture they used.

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Wednesday, February 1

My Master Plan

My Master Plan is to get Lady Gaga to release an album of Christina Aguilera's Greatest Hits. Hearing Lady Gaga's take on "Nobody Wants to be Lonely", "Dirrty", and "Not Myself Tonight"(just to really add insult to insults) would be absolutely amazing. "Candy Man" and "Beautiful" would be the shit too. Christina Aguilera has a whole bunch of great songs, I just wish that Lady Gaga could take over her whole catalog going forward.

My favorite Xtina song is "Nobody Wants to be Lonely"

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Over the Cuckoo's Nest

One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest by Ken Kesey was first published fifty years ago today. I absolutely love The Book and everyone loves The Movie, The Play is pretty good too. I love that Ken Kesey wrote the book after working the midnight shift at a mental hospital while tripping. Randle P. McMurphy, a better protagonist name can not be found outside of The Outsiders. And Nurse Ratched is soo evil. Everyone should read The Wikipedia Page just to catch up on the story a little and maybe read about Ken Kesey who was super interesting beyond just writing this awesome book.

Also, what a great book cover.
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