Thursday, August 15


Hey y'all,

sorry to plug my own product for the moment, but
a) i think it's pretty cool
b) you could be part of a national movement.

so, yeah.

Billy Shakes is a fictional milkshake shop with a very real and very awesome teeshirt/mascot, which is a picture of William Shakespeare that I copied, pasted into Microsoft Word, and onto which I drew a milkshake. You can see it illustrated on my friend Cam's shirt below (I am pointing at it):

Me and Billy (kid on the right, the co-founder of Billy Shakes) are selling them for $15 a pop. No worries, I won't be offended or cry if none of y'all want one, just figured i'd put it in all the places that I know the hip kids hang out....


Just know that a Billy Shakes shirt today may mean a free milkshake tomorrow!!! or something dramatic like that!

thanks erryone and if nothing else just tell yer frandz about it and spread it around, any color is available as long as it's sold at Wal-Mart or Michael's so the sky's the limit. Except heather gray. Fuck heather gray.

Peace Love Billy Shakes,