Friday, October 29

Sisters, sisters

This just made me happy, as I am currently far, far away from my sister, but even just writing & recieving e-mails from her makes me happy. Sorry to be so goopy and sentimental, for everyone who doesn't have a sister.
(you're obviously missing out)


Thursday, October 28


I was en route put up a link to Kanye's Runaway
and the internet reminded me about Del Shannon's Runaway,
if you don't have 34 minutes to watch Kanye's Runaway
you should at least watch the Ballin' Ballet Dance Scene
I love Kanye.

Wednesday, October 27

what the what?

This picture is flying around the internet, mostly claiming it's a picture of a Danish Prince. I did a little research and according to this pretty legit looking website cataloguing all of the artist's works (the site's in Danish, I had to let google translate it) it's more likely just a picture of some rich businessman.

But the fact remains, this Danish dude from 1835, looks a hell of a lot like Jim Halpert (aka John Krasinski) of the Office.

Check it out:


Tuesday, October 26


this french artist decided to take portraits of people all over the world and blow them up and put them on walls and roofs and trains and everywhere.

your face here 100x bigger


Holmes, Sherlock Holmes

PBS is airing a BBC three part miniseries about an updated Sherlock Holmes that started last week
the first episode was amazing
and you forget that Sherlock looks like an alien right away

Thursday, October 21

Harry Potter Tattoo MADNESS

I'm very happy for him. But seriously?!
As you may all know, I LOVE HARRY POTTER. Who wouldn't? I'm counting down the days till the hopefully-not-sucky HP7.1 movie hits theaters on November 19. (As Alice pointed out, it won't be in 3D—yay!)

But there is no way in hell that I'd ever get a HP-themed tattoo. This collection of hilariously awful HP-themed tattoos made me laugh out loud. It was hard to pick a favorite.  


Wednesday, October 20

The Wonderous World of Technology

There really is an app for everything and I've found the one that truly makes my heart flutter.  Check out my new singing cat friend. I taught him this song:


Tuesday, October 19

Bananas Need Protection Too

I don't think there is a more phallic every-day-edible than a banana. I bring bananas to work for lunch on a regular basis and it never fails to generate amusement with the co-workers. Yesterday my banana happened to be brown, which brought on a flood of sexual preference jokes. It probably doesn't help that I have a banana case. YES that's right. My friend gave me a plastic case in the shape of a banana. Amazingly enough, it actually fits most bananas! Of course when I go shopping for my bunches of bananas I know what size and curvature to look for to best fit the case. I had never heard of a banana case before, but it really is pure genius. I remember in college I would try taking bananas from the dining hall so I could eat it later in the day, but as soon as I threw it in my bag with books it would turn brown and nasty and get squished to the point that Jill would wanna VOM. Enter: The Banana Case. Now I have no problem with throwing my banana around (heh heh heh) because the hard shell protects it. I decided to google search the banana case to see what kind of options were out there and I stumbled across the banana bunker, which straight up looks like a condom. SERIOUSLY.... that is a hard plastic condom. But it works like a charm. It is flexible yet durable to change in lengh and curvature all while maintaining the health of the banana. Watch the how to and durability videos to see what I mean.



Monday, October 18

Our parent's tax dollars.

UPDATED: Here's a link to the Eagle's article about the new bylaw.
According to this article, the new bylaw tacks on an addition $300 fine to the state ordered $100 for less than an ounce of pot on town property, including roads.

My brother happened to be at a Westford town meeting tonight and he told me about some breaking local news:

Westford has re-criminalized pot on public property in town, which includes, but is not limited to:
"any street, sidewalk, public way, footway, passageway, stairs, bridge, park, playground, beach, recreation area, boat landing, public building, school, school grounds, cemetery, or parking lot; or in or upon any bus or other passenger conveyance operated by a common carrier; or in or upon any place accessible to the public, including any person in a motor vehicle while it is in, or upon any public way or any way to which the public has a right of access within the Town."

Also, it's not a possession law, but a consumption law. The proposed law started with "No person shall burn, smoke, ingest, or otherwise use or consume marijuana."

Apparently the bylaw was proposed by Westford police and it passed. The link in this article is just about the proposal and there isn't an article about it passing yet, because its only been 3 hours, so I'll update this post as more info becomes available.

 Don't they have bigger things to worry about, like the rash of shootings in town last winter or the teen suicides sweeping the country? Get a life westford.


Wednesday, October 13

The Walking Dead!

Has Evan ever tried to get you to read a zombie graphic novel??? if he did it was probably The Walking Dead, and its awesome! what's even better is AMC is making it into a TV show! you know AMC, the same guys that pump out Breaking Bad and Mad Men, well they've gone zombie crazy with maybe the best zombie story I've ever read, I'm wicked excited and I think you should be too, first episode airs on Halloween, check it out: ZOMBIES!!


Saturday, October 9

Harry Potter 7 part 1 NOT in 3D, hallelujah

You may not agree with me, but I am tired of 3D. I don't need it, I don't want it, and honestly when it moves too fast (I'm looking at you, Step Up 3D) I can't follow it with my poorly trained, slow-moving eyes. It's pretty much the only Luddite tendency I have, but damn it, screw 3D.

And frankly, I resent the rash of making every movie 3D. Titanic? Seriously James Cameron, don't give me another reason to hate you. Now to be fair, some movies benefit from 3D and Harry Potter genre-wise makes sense. But thank the gods of movie making, HP7 part 1 wasn't filmed in 3D and the studio can't get it transferred to 3D in time for the Thanksgiving opening. YES!!!

According to the studio, Part 2 will be available in 3D and 2D, so depending on whether or not you agree with me, maybe we'll go see it together.


Wednesday, October 6

I won't deny it

I. love. Zooey.

and apparently, a lot of other people do too. I'm guilty of bringing her picture to my hair dresser to get those bangs,  and if I can find a hairdresser in my neighborhood today for less than 20 euros, I'm getting those bangs again.

My favorite quote in the article is from Joseph Gordon-Levitt.


Tuesday, October 5

Sunday, October 3

i highly recommend oktoberfest

I don't even like beer that much, but you have to do it. and it was fantastic.