Tuesday, March 15

Drunk History

I can't tell you how many times I've seen this video, but I can honestly say that 60% of the time, I've LOLed every time.

Feast your eyes on Drunk History. A little piece of history told in a drunken state and acted out by some famous peeps. AWESOME.

I believe there are 6 volumes, but this is by far my favorite:



  1. this is amazing. i love when it switches back to her under a blanket with a new glass of wine, and when she says "clinton" by accident and ferrell just like looks confused at the camera for a second.


  2. i LOOOOOVE THIS. i wanna see more. hahaha this poor chick probably died of embarassment when she saw it. but having your drunk ramblings acted out by will ferrel, don cheade, & zooey is pretty bad ass.

    now im craving wine, and its only 10:50 am.

  3. i've been hearing baout this forever but i never watched it. so good