Friday, March 18

Tau > Pi?

I am not good at math.
Greater than less than is hard.
Believing the odds of anything is anything other than 50/50 is impossible.
I never minded pi though.
Then I see this video on Vulture

Now I firmly believe tau should replace pi because tau seems better.

Also, Did y'all know that New Year's day was celebrated on March 25th until 1752. 1751 started on March 25th and 1752 started on January 1st.



  1. I just like the sound of 'Lady Day'


  2. the kind of math she is talking about is exactly when i stopped being good at math. mindless memorization of confusing formulas totally screwed me over. i'm down with Tau

  3. i want to eat pie.

    screw complicated math!

    one pie + two scoops vanilla ice cream = three-licious.


  4. everything she says makes SO MUCH SENSE.

    it also makes me want to make a pie RIGHT NOW.

    i wonder how long she had to practice before she could make crust so well. Mine never turn out that perfectly pinched.

  5. i just noticed -- johnny you successfully used the greater than/less than sign in the title of this post!!!!!!! sweet.

  6. I just dropped tau and pi'd my undypants.