Wednesday, July 25

Monday, July 23

Emile's Adventure

In 1993 Emile Lemay was driving in the desert around Tan-Tan Morocco. Morocco is the country on the other side, the African one, of the Straight of Gibraltar at the bottom of Spain. Emile is driving between Tan-Tan and Tilemsem, Tilemsem does not show up on Google Earth, so safe to say Emile is in the middle of Bumfuck, Nowhere c/o Africa. Emile is no fool he had packed food and water knowing that any trip into Bumfuck, Nowhere c/o Africa can be dangerous. 
When Emile's Car broke down down he was more than 15 Miles from Tilemsem. Emile could have walked out, he had the supplies. Instead EMILE DECIDED TO BUILD A MOTORCYCLE OUT OF HIS BROKE DOWN CAR AND RIDE THAT BITCH OUT OF BUMFUCK, NOWHERE c/o AFRICA LIKE A BOSS.
Emile while having the supplies to walk out of the desert had left his welding torch and drill at home. He also had forgotten sleeves so Emile had to tear holes in his socks and slide those on his arms to keep the Scorching Desert Sun from poisoning him. Emile estimated that building his Motorcycle would take him 3 days. Emile, having had left his welding torch at home, had to hold his Motorcycle together with screws in holes that were already there. Emile set to work using the existing holes and and screws to piece together what was quickly becoming his only chance at getting out of Bumfuck, Nowhere c/o Africa. 
The days ticked off past Emile's initial estimate of 3 days. Emile realized that the existing holes were not going to be enough. No drill meant that Emile had to make new holes by bending the metal as best he could then getting at it with a hack saw he had, Emile is no fool, then rebending the metal flat again. 

Anythings Possible. 


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Thursday, July 19


 I'm a big fan of unique photography and adorable children. So stumbling upon work by photographer Jason Lee was a pretty awesome find today. Check this out to read a little interview with the dude and see some of the best pics of his cutie daughters, or hit that link in the previous sentence for his flickr. Dude's a fantastic wedding photog by day.

This post is in honor of my big sister's birthday, just yesterday. :D

little sister extraordinaire
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Macklemore & Ryan Lewis - Same Love

Macklemore dropped this song today as a sampling of his new album, "Heist", which will be released on October 9th. He's also coming to Boston on November 15th, which I am 100% going to.

Same Love.

I can't get over Mary Lambert in it, she kills it. She keeps me warm.


Monday, July 16

Frank Ocean: Channel Orange

Frank Ocean is one of the first major hip hop artists to announce having a same-sex relationship.
He is a member of OFWGKTA.
He released his new album, 'channel ORANGE', on iTunes a few days ago and you can stream the whole thing off his Tumblr here.

I could jam to this for a long time.


Saturday, July 14

B.o.B. Both Of Us feat. Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is the voice of her generation and they are lucky to have her. I hope she stays around singing her lovely voice out forever and starts spending some more time over in hip hop feat. land because she slays on this track. B.O.B. does well sharing a song with a lady, always has. He also can lay out lines that leave you dumbfounded theyr so fucking awesome "do it one time for the underdogs, sincerely yours, one of y'all" is the best line of the song and his accent makes it rhyme. I love the look of this video, Memphis Trash through an instagram filter on a sunny day. Hope you like the song too. 

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Wednesday, July 11

Robert de La Rochefoucauld

Robert de La Rochefoucauld was a member of the French Resistance during World War II. As part of The Resistance Robert de La Rochefoucauld escaped from behind enemy lines twice, once making his escape in a nun's habit the other time by stealing a Nazi limousine. He also smuggled bombs in hollowed out loaves of bread and was once quoted as having said "I felt drunk with Freedom" one of the best lines ever. Robert de La Rochefoucauld was a clandestine hero. His obituary in today's Boston Globe is fantastic

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Saturday, July 7

Minimalist Disney Posters

Shout Out to Fisti, Pinterest, Izzy, Alice, Jill, Lucy, Disney, J.M., The Grimm Bros., Ariel, Peter, The Crocidile, Snow White, Apples, Rowansm and Love.

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Dinosaurs Had Feathers

A Dinosaur was archaeologist'd in Bavaria recently and it turned the Dinosaur World on its no more looking like giant lizards heads because this Dinosaur "proved" that Dinosaurs Had Feathers. The Dinosaur dinosaur'd 150 million years ago which is much earlier than archaeologists had every believed feathered dinosaurs had existed. Sam Neill has known that dinosaurs had feathers since 2001. Because The Dinosaur was around much earlier than any other known Feathered Dinosaur the Archaeologists concluded that all dinosaurs had feathers. The Dinosaur they found looked really stereotypical  it walked on two legs and had a tail and a standard dinosaur face and was covered in feathers. The Archaeologists found skin and feathers preserved along with the full skeleton. Dinosaurs Had Feathers.

Also, This Guy Looks Like Clint Eastwood, Right?

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Sunday, July 1


California knows how to party.

There's a ton of great music coming out of LA right now.  Too much for one post.  But here's a few great summer tracks from some bands that I've seen around recently:

I know Seth's been listening to Electric Guest, so I figured I'd throw their single up here. They're produced by Danger Mouse and recently released a full length album.  Ryan, Jill, Alex, & Spencer have all been with me to The Echo, one of my favorite LA rock clubs, where I saw them in February.

Another band I saw in February, playing a surprise show with Cold War Kids, is the folky, harmonizing Milo Greene:

They first broke onto the scene while opening on tour for one of Alice's favs, the Civil Wars. They have an LP due out in July, and I hope the album art is as cool as their EP!

Another group that's been opening for bigger acts is possibly the hottest up & coming band in LA right now, Superhumanoids:

I've seen them all over town, and their electro-pop sound is very trendy. Unsurprisingly, I've started hearing them on the radio recently.

Enjoy this trio of LA #SummerJams, because I've definitely got more coming!

-DMc, West Coast Correspondent