Friday, March 4

Disney Magic (2 of 2)

So ID revealed that one other picture had also been released in the Disney series of photographs by Annie Leibovitz.

And this one is probably my favorite.

Julianne Moore as Ariel, and Michael Phelps (and other extremely famous swimmers) as Merpeople.

People said on set, Julianne Moore's daughter ran up and sat in her lap and starting crying because she couldn't believe her mother was Ariel, her favorite princess. Then everyone started crying.

Imagine how fast Phelps could swim if he just always wore this. DAMN.

Next, I hope she does a Toy Story set with Tim Allen and Tom Hanks as Buzz and Woody.
Lucy Liu as Mulan might be coming soon too.



  1. love it. julianne moore is a goddess.

  2. AMAZING. i LOVE that everyone started crying!

  3. thanks for the shout out yo!! THEY NEED TO DO MULAN.