Monday, February 28

The Slide Ultimate

Can someone please get Shawn White on this thing? But seriously Dad of the year candidate


Tuesday, February 22

Graffiti in Amsterdam

I'm staying with Ravi Vasudevan (my old neighbor from Westford) this week at his place in Delft, which is an hour away from Amsterdam. I spent the day in the dam yesterday, and was extremely lucky to have blue sky and not 5- Celsius weather (like today...) and really loved it. What a cool city, super pretty, really chill people, awesome places to eat, and of course, after wandering around for under 5 minutes I stumbled right into a flea market. I was going to go on a free walking tour, but too many people showed up and I didn't make it into one of the groups of 30, so I just wandered around some more before hitting up the Van Gogh museum. I walked past a series of nice graffiti and felt like sharing it, since BJK posted a graffiti one a while back.

hard to see, the girls club has spokes sticking out of it too!! the boy is holding flowers, poor kid.

i like the one on the right holding the coffee maker the best

thank you, amsterdam
peace and love from delft.

Sunday, February 20

God's Gift to Women: a George Clooney Mural.

Not to be the celebrity news correspondant, but for real, this is too bizarre not to share.

Apparently George Clooney is filming some movie (deatils, AWM?) in Cinncinatti. In an attempt to get his attention and bring people to their art gallery, some muralist painted a version of the Sistene Chapel Adam and God finger touch, featuring George's face. It's weird. Particularly that it cuts off right at his business, in a way that just draws attention to it instead of down-playing it.

In this video the art gallery owner and the muralist explain the work and ask people to come down and get their picture taken underneath it.


Saturday, February 19

Cleverbot: The New Lonely Saturday Night

Say hello to the new best way to spend a Saturday night not being with friends or at Roller Kingdom--Cleverbot.

An Artificial Intelligence conversation generator that takes what you say and forms an intellect to have an(artificially) intelligent conversation.
Press Think About It! for him to answer, or Think For Me! for him to have an internal conversation with himself/dictate his own thoughts and Thoughts So Far to see a copy of how you spent your whole lonely Saturday night.


Kool-Aid and Frozen Pizza

i mentioned justin beiber to dean and he asked me if i had ever heard of mac miller,
i hadnt, so i youtubed him, this is what i found.

i love it

Friday, February 18

F*ck Yeah, Ryan Gosling

So, Ryan Gosling's the shit right? Okay.

Exploiting the fact that he's wicked hot and also the star of one of the most sob-worthy romantic films of the century, Fuck Yeah, Ryan Gosling takes pictures of him from photo shoots and whatnot and creates hysterical bylines for them. Some are genius, usually the ones that are holiday themed are great.

Thursday, February 17

If You Talk About It..It Will Happen

First lets learn how to do a screen shot. Start by pressing Ctrl and PrtSc as shown:

Awesome job! Now you have the screen copied. Then open it in Paint, Picassa, or whatever picture editor you use and go to town. Now to the real point of my post.

Ever accidentally send an e-mail that you didn't mean to send?

Wish you could take it back?


Well... NOW YOU CAN!!!!!

First open your gmail in a new tab,then go into your Settings and look in Labs

Here you will find AMAZING things that Gmail has hidden from you. Most important of all is the UNDO SEND lab. They're in alphabetical order. There are some other great ones like Google Calendar, Got the wrong Bob, Mail Goggles should be mandatory on all teenagers computers. There are a few other great ones, check them out.


Friar Film

So recently JV asked me to throw new videos of trailers and other tidbits of film industry excitement on the blog. However, I would post new things every day, multiple posts a day, probably multiple pages a day.

So I thought it would make things a bit easier and less cluttered, to simply start a new blog solely for new film news, interesting tv clips, new trailers, and so on and so on.

The blog is:

Friar Film as it's a website that religious about films. Get it?

Anyone is MORE than welcome to post new info. The username is Friarfilm and the password:

Here's a hint. It's a very famous movie quote that's only one word (and it's not Rosebud). If you can't figure it out, let me know and ill let you know.


Wednesday, February 16

I Think Playing It Will Reap Almost As Many Educational Benefits As Reading It

Now, for all you collegers and beyond who have gone through high school and read the Great Gatsby, I'm sure this will be more fun for you.
But just remember that a sophomore who hasn't read it found it for you and beat it before you.


-Plus 1 More Person; or Real Evidence of Monsters-

This is my first post on Plus 1.  I haven’t written anything on a blog since the glorious days of Livejournal.

And so, here are some pictures of SeaBeasts.

-Eroc Ram

Tuesday, February 15

Football Trickster

I always liked watching trick shots in billiards and soccer. You may have already seen this video which has gone viral over the last few weeks, but this guy is ridiculous at throwing a football.

He's a second string quarterback from UConn. The first string guy had better be the next Marino.


Monday, February 14

Happy Valentines Day Erryone


Hugo Does Not Have A Problem With A Bitch

Shout out to No Strings Attached, which was way better than it had to be. This song is in it briefly.

Also, it's gotta be hard being Christina Aguilera. First the Super Bowl, then tripping on stage at the Grammys

Also, has everyone heard of Sweetest Day?


Thursday, February 10

The Perfect Pour

The Verizon Center in Washington D.C., home to the Washington Wizards & Capitals, has recently added the coolest feature to their concession stands. The "Bottom's Up Draft Beer Dispensing System" pours a beer 9X faster than conventional pouring, and doesn't spill or foam up. How does it work? Magnets.


What's the Internet, Anyway!?

It wasn't too long ago that we all sounded like this, but its freaking hilarious to hear now...


Wednesday, February 9

Sexiest Baby Ever

As some of you may know, Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem had a baby January 22. It was released that the baby was a boy, but no name has been released.

I have been waiting impatiently to find out what the future of sexy is named and the word on the street is:

Leo Encinas Cruz

That's a pretty sexy name. It hasn't been confirmed by the parents though, so those of you pulling for Pablo or Alejandro still have a chance.

Also, how much does Javier look like AWM? So much

hysterical british animal voice overs

another amazing video, courtesy of James Stuart Bergin's facebook page. I'm so thankful every day that my family is on the book.

I'm currently on holiday at Oxford University visiting one of my besties from Wellesley, and we both found this incredibly amusing.

sometimes the brits talk so fast I literally can't understand what they're saying...

also, i'm now (as of 10 minutes) obsessed with this:

i love "fired" and "hired". and "excuses" and "presentation"



Monday, February 7

Excitement and an Egg Explosion





Sunday, February 6

Viennese Modern Art

I finally went into the Vienna Modern Art Museum, because I had a coupon for a free poster. I didnt end up getting the poster because I was supposed to pay full price (got 2,50 euro reduction for being a student, but it didn't matter, because my university pays me back for cultural activities so I could have paid full price. If this were America and not a country with a stick up its ass I would have gotton the god damn poster.)

And actually, the entire museum was really really enjoyable. The works came mostly from 1920s-1970s and then there was an exhibit of American "hyper real" works that were the temp exhibit. I loved it, defs going back and paying full price to get my freaking poster too. I might even demand two.
This series of collages/mixed media works were my favorites.The artist was inspired by a trip to Berlin where he slept in a hotel where in his room one of the walls was part of the Berlin wall, and he was singing the German Requiem by Brahms in a choir at the time as well. He uses bits of cut out newspapers as well as photos and pointilism to illustrate the quotes in a sweet and sad way. I can decide which is my favorite, they are all so beautiful.

something to which/something to which you can give no name/longing for this longing/love alone,

a sound came/ sadness was given up

yes in the café twice -/ once yes in the restaurant/ he had heard of the hotel mysteries/in the restau/A figure clothed in a suit of light

There was a large inviting/ another human creature is resolved to continue life/or

"Go on, pigeons flutter."/ adoration is striking twelve."/the heavens are open

on the borders of the shadow/Western Europe -/ walls looked down on it, towers and guard rooms,/examine some pieces of the wall
also, cute asian boy singing pretty that is driving one of the asian chicks in my a cappella group insane:


Friday, February 4

Red Line Update: SNAKE FOUND

I'm allowed to judge these people, right?
Remember when I posted about the 3 ft snake named Penelope that some crazy lady lost on the Red Line train in Boston last month? They found it. IN THE T. IT WAS HIDING FOR WEEKS. seriously.

Thankfully the person who found it was a snake owner themselves [eek] and they weren't afraid of picking the snake up and returning it to it's rightful owners.

There's also this hilarious Channel 7 News video of the happy reunion between pet and owners. The lady immediately puts the snake up to her mouth. I am judging her PRETTY hard right now.


Thursday, February 3


Wiz Khalifa's Black and Yellow is good.
Weezy's is better.




HP Lasergrandpa

 This is completely random, but the other day I was walking down a street in my neighborhood (I'm currently in Vienna, Austria for those of you who are new to the thread) to get to the fresh produce market around the corner, and I peered into a window and saw this:

That's right, the hugest HP laserjet printer I have ever seen in my life!!! The Grand-Poppy Father of all Fathers, King of Kings of printers. It was whicked loud too. I only took a couple of pictures because I think a guy inside noticed something flashing and started walking toward my side of the room to check it out. Does that officially make me a large-printer-creepy-stalker?

Maybe. Well, guess we can no longer say that I was immune to all of the geek floating around at the Computing Helpdesk where I work back at school......


Wednesday, February 2

(jasonbate)Man, You Are Funny

So if you, like myself, were a huge fan of the cancelled Fox TV series (WHAT? Fox cancels TV shows?) Arrested Development, I have good news. If you've never heard of Arrested Development, well first, slap yourself across the face and then Netflix the crap out of that. You might still be able to find them free on MSN Video or Hulu.

Jason Bateman and Will Arnett have joined forces once again and created a new kind of advertising agency called DumbDumb. They're creating these hysterical shorts that kind of infuse branding without being an overt commcercial.

Besides that, they're really funny. Above is The Prom Date, a digital short for Orbit gum. Enjoy!

 - fp

Tuesday, February 1

Current Snowstorm from Space [Courtesy of NASA]

Thought this picture was really cool. Found it on twitter. -id

The Dark Art of Knitting

Hi Everyone!

I know there are a few HP fans checking this out and I also warned Alice that my contribution may end up being a bunch of arts&craft ideas so this seems like the perfect way to start.

One of my little sisters friends spent a lot of time in the hospital as a child and became a knitting prodigy. This is her newest creation. Its too incredible not to share:

So from straight on this just looks like your run-of-the-mill striped (black and glow-in-the dark green!) scarf but as you look at it from different angles the dark mark is revealed! I have no idea how she did this and I sort of want it to remain a mystery. Maybe she's a deatheater..

- sct