Monday, March 28

While at Sea, We Planned a Robbery

During the long-ass stretch of time we spent at sea crossing the Pacific Ocean during the end of Semester at Sea, my friends and I started to go stir crazy. My roommate Coretta came up with the idea for a "Let's Plan A Robbery" (Three 6 Mafia) music video, and we ended up shooting it all on my Cannon digital camera between the hours of 1 and 4am one night while everyone else on the ship was asleep. Our friend edited it on a bootleg version of Final Cut Pro, and this is the result.

Coretta and a bunch of others from this video were visiting us in Boston this weekend, so I wanted to (re)share it with y'all. I look totally gangsta -- please ignore the Yankees hat I'm wearing, it was all for show.

<3 id


  1. heh heh. good one.

    ID you're hair was so long and tri-pigtailicious! Also you went into the elevator at the end but you never came out!

  2. i did!! im in a green dress when i come out.

    i know, i miss my long hair... hope you enjoyed my gangsta dancing ;)

  3. loved it then, love it now. like i SAID... LETSSSS PLAN A ROBBBERY!