Friday, March 18

Props to MB

I hope by now all you Somervillains (ha ha) and Cantabridgians  (residents of Cambridge)  have discovered the money saving wonders of Market Basket, I know most of you have.

Today I stumbled upon a deal thats too freakin good to keep to myself, check these prices out sandwich lovers (ty I'm looking at you);

 probs get 3 or 4 mystery meat sandwiches out of this  

Less than $6 is gonna feed me lunch all week, you can find these to the right of the deli in an open cooler, now go save some money!


ps - AM have you met this guy?


  1. (bjk, i just made the pictures a bit smaller because my ocd can't handle when the pictures run into the sidebar...)

    AND JEEZ. i spend so much money at the grocery store in vienna! for like 2 days!

  2. we all talked about it behind your back and we decided that that cheese is TOO SLIMY to eat! Call if you need some pepto bismol.jmn

  3. I believe thats the glare from the flash that appears in the same spot in every pic. But if you wanna hate on good deals, hate on :p