Friday, August 27

Hungover Owls

“I’m going to need a fistful of aspirin before you open your goddamn mouth again.” There's not much more to say.
 - fp

Thursday, August 26

The girl with the (Gigantic) Dragon Tattoo

watched the Swedish version of Girl with the dragon tattoo last night. It was pretty sweet!
I thought that Mickael was not good looking enough at first but than I came around to it, just got that cystic acne face.
I thought that salander was a good fit. She was kinda hot. She could have been teeny-er but she was alright. Plus she was totally ripped like Jesus. nice pecs too  The actual dragon tattoo was a little much for me, just really not the way I expected it. Cool tattoo tho.
Than the millennium lady was waaay to busted for me to deal with, I mean they can defs find more attractive people than that in Sweden. I mean I kinda got the whole " she was hot fifteen years ago thing" but I could have gone for a little more hot right now, just to keep me interested...
Plus the random shout out to, the girl who played with fire.  Inappropriate at best. Like spoilers for the second movie In the first? Whaaat? If they had shown her torching her paps in the beginning of the second movie it would have been too soon but to show it halfway through the first? I mean did they run out stuff to put into this 2.5 hour long movie?
AND the movie in general was not like any European movies ive seen. It was super western influenced. I guess thats probly because it was sort of a big deal over their and they tossed a ton of money into it somehow all expensive movies look the same, even in Sweden.

Tuesday, August 24


I hope everyone knows about this website. A man basically gets millions of anonymous postcards of people's secrets from around the world and posts them. Sometimes they're hilarious. Other times they are shockingly, mind-numbingly sad. Always they're interesting and usually quite artful.

My HS Gay/Straight Alliance started a PostSecret in our school. Each classroom has a mailbox in it where someone can drop an anonymous secret and they post them twice a year in the arts center. Its BEAUTIFUL

 - fp

Instant Replay in Baseball

So here's what I think:

At this point we need instant replay in baseball because quite honestly viewers at home could be doing a better job than the actual umps.

-Have a fifth umpire that sits up in the booth
-When a review comes in, no need to stop play and huddle around a TV then talk about it, just have the fifth ump make the call and move on, I think the entire process wouldn't need to take more than 15 seconds
-Reviewable plays: Home runs, tags on all bases, catches in the outfield, and tagging up (though I don't think it would come up often)
-I don't think balls and strikes should be reviewable.


Monday, August 23


This online...thing is from an amazing website called

You can make your own online kaleidescope. Kaleido-Game

You can make your own tunes using elf voices as the chords. Carol Maker

Browse around, I've been checking in on it since high school. Personal favorite: The 5 second doodler...see what you can draw in 5 seconds....

-c.ollegep.rep (fisti)

Jersey Shore > MIA

(Good point.)
Every hour-long episode of Jersey Shore is packed with genius.

But there is SO MUCH amazingness going on (Thursdays at 10pm on MTV) that I often can't remember what made me laugh so hard when I'm trying to discuss episodes with my coworkers the following day.

Enter: Buzzfeed's JS recap posts. They are filled with classic screenshots/quotes and I love them. 

Check it: Episode 2: The Hangover, Episode 3: Creepin', Episode 4: Breaking Up


Thursday, August 19

The Right to Arm Bears

Canadian farmers use an Army of Bears to gaurd their Weed farm in Canada (all for the cost of dog food)....genius


Tuesday, August 17

Quite Like Monsters of Folk

If you like the Monsters of Folk these are my suggestions to you:

M. Ward - Post-War
My Morning Jacket - At Dawn and Evil Urges (this is their newest album FYI)
Yim Yames - Tribute to (this is Jim James covering George Harrison tunes)
Bright Eyes - I'm Wide Awake, It's Morning. Four Winds EP.
Desaparecidos - Read Music/ Speak Spanish


Thursday, August 12

Im going to have a tuna melt throwdown tomorrow

im planning on buying some eggs (that i will hard-boil), celery, sun flower seeds, and a cucumber
mixing those with the tunafish and a chipotle mayo
and putting it on oat nut bread
i was thinking of letting the cheese melt while in the skillet
all the recipes online tell me to broil it tho
the wikipedia page for tuna sandwiches is bomb
and so is the sandwich that is in the pic for it
Tuna Sandwich
the throwdown is at 11, any suggestions?

This Music is for Listening:

Monsters of Folk  Myspace page with some of their music.
Monsters of Folk  Groove Shark. My preference because its on demand and has most of their music.

Folk-Rock with great guitar, a 60's style, and some synth snuck in there when you least expect it.

Best used during the day: at work, driving or on the beach.


The Pardoner's Tale

This is a short story from the Caterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer. Johnny and I read it in High School and always thought it would make a bomb play. It's about 3 drunk guys who go out to kill death. Here's a link, scroll down until it says, "Here Begins the Pardoners Tale."


this is my third fav movie ever

vicky christina barcelona is amazing
javier bardem is a babe
penelope cruz kills it
scarlet johansen and the other girl do a great job
and the narrator is  one of the best parts
everyone should see it
this is a link to the trailer 
check it out

Wednesday, August 11