Tuesday, March 22

Inside the EdZachery Studio

Inside the Actor's Studio is totally awesome. James Lipton does extensive research on his guests and then does all he can to make them sing and dance while discussing their major roles and careers.

At the end of each interview he asks the same 10 questions. These questions are inspired by Bernard Pivot, a french television personality. (When James Lipton was interviewed by Dave Chappell for the 200th episode, we found out that James lived in France and was a pimp in his youth, baller). Pivot in turn took them from the Proust Questionnaire, which is basically the first incarnation of that chain email with all the questions your supposed to answer and send to all your friends. Pivot realized that the questions could reveal aspects of both the work and personality of his interviewees and asked it of all his guests, as Lipton continues to do.

So let's do it. Here are the ten questions. You don't have to explain yourself, or justify anything, though you may. Don't think too long. And enjoy this clip of Robert Downey Jr answering the questions:

What is your favorite word?

What is your least favorite word?

What turns you on?

What turns you off?

What sound or noise do you love?

What sound or noise do you hate?

What is your favorite curse word?

What profession other than your own would you like to attempt?

What profession would you not like to do?

If Heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the Pearly Gates?



  1. answering the questions from the top to the bottom with the top being 1 my answers are:
    1. bummble
    2. faggot
    3. privacy
    4. being too hot
    5. thunderstorms
    6. meanness
    7. fuck
    8. billionaire philanthropist
    9. computer fixer person
    10. "I have all the answers"

  2. 1. Verbicide
    2. brown nose
    3. excellence
    4. smelliness
    5. harmonies
    6. alarm clock
    7. shitballs
    8. farmer's wife
    9. door to door salesperson
    10. i've got so many secrets for you

  3. 1. Pickle
    2. Punta
    3. Backs
    4. Farms in general
    5. On heather's old phone the alien noise
    6. Dickie's alarm clock
    7. me and sheila's favorite way to describe TLE
    8. Billionaire
    9. Therapist
    10. Why are you up here?

  4. 1. Sehnsucht (german: means deep, intense longing)
    2. cunt
    3. good music
    4. arrogance
    5. dusk birdsong and crickets
    6. mis-used vocal vibrato
    7. fuck this shit.
    8. graphic or interior designer
    9. economist/finance worker
    10. There are a lot of people waiting here to see you, including myself.


  5. jovial
    warm eyes
    excessive makeup
    cat purrs
    Egyptian archaeologist

    'the jacuzzis are on the left.'

  6. 1. percolate
    2. ostentatious
    3. talent
    4. ignorance
    5. waves crashing
    6. alarm
    7. douchebag
    8. adventure guide
    9. meter maid
    10. what can I do for you?


  7. 1. snuggle
    2. dumpster
    3. confidence
    4. back hair
    5. the ocean
    6. nails on chalkboard
    7. douchenozzle
    8. stylist
    9. lawyer
    10. good job!

  8. Fav word: Naked
    Least fav word: "In-so-far-as"
    Turn on: Naked
    Turn off: Spikes
    Love the sound: BullFrogs
    Hate the sound: Distant-Whispering
    Fav curse word: Tampons
    Fav profession: Farmer
    Not Fav profession: US President
    God Says: "Nothing will be different"

  9. I have to change my noise I hate to vacuum cleaners

  10. 1. Felch
    2. Stool
    3. Boobs: wifebeater no bra
    4. Stool
    5. Goat bleats
    6. The screaching sound on those fake tracks that you used to get off like, napster
    7. Fuck
    8. Combination Cat Whisperer/Dexter Morgan
    9. Gay Sauna Janitor
    10. "It's kind of like Ninja Warrior with drugs and puppies. Go nuts."


  11. 1. Verisimilitude.
    2. Cynical.
    3. Really good hair
    4. Moles with hair.
    5. The THX sound before a movie.
    6. Rubbing styrofoam.
    7. Fuckstick.
    8. Paleontologist.
    9. Ice Truck Driver/Alaskan fisherman
    10. "You called it!"


  12. 1. Indubidibly
    1. Nectar
    1. Phosphroesense
    2. No, "judiciary it's hard to say"
    2. Seal
    2. Douching
    3. Legs
    3. Felled hair
    3. Ideas coming together
    4. Bad teeth
    4. Bad breath
    4. Bad teeth
    5. The sound of an organ when it just plays the one note like the song wavelength by van Morrison
    5. The ocean/ crashing waves
    5. babies uncontrollable laughter
    6. Screeching cars
    6. Creepy heater noises
    6. Honking horn when the light turns green two milliseconds before
    7. City planner
    7. Fashion designer
    7. NFL referee
    8. Work in a grocery store
    8. Ghost hunters
    8. Garbage man
    9. Fuck
    Rob. Fuck
    Jill. Fuck
    Ryan. Cumquat
    Brett 10. " this part is gonna be really fun"
    Rob "you rule" and a man hug
    Jill 10. "hey"
    Ryan " hey let's go ride the roller coaster"

    Bk, jn, rk

  13. 1. Happiness
    2. Defeat
    3. Humor
    4. Complaining
    5.Waves crashing at the beach
    6. Styrofoam
    7. Teacher
    8. Politics
    9. Fuck
    10. You rule with a man hug