Friday, March 18

They Gave Wonder Woman Pants. Lame.

NBC is premiering a Wonder Woman t.v. show reboot this fall, and this is the first picture of the new superhero, in costume. I expected a wardrobe update, but this is silly. Her crotch looks awkward, and if FRICKEN WONDER WOMAN doesn't look good in blue pleather leggings, the rest of us have no hope. Burn them. Now. Bring back the bare legs. -id

p.s. the actress is from Friday Night Lights, which I don't watch, but the Vaughts say its awesome.


  1. woah. check this out:

    so much hotter. and i love the white stars on the crotch.

    i mean, the only thing this new ww has going for her is an awesome rack. even her face is kind of awkward/overly oval-shaped.


  2. Her crotch looks elongated. What the hell is wrong with this actress's legs that they can't be in a french cut bottom? I mean, this looks a little butch, to be honest with you.
    - fp

  3. I concur. Friday Night Lights is the shit.

  4. yeah this girl is truly a super hot amazon (i think she's 5'11), they're making her look not as hot s she is. terrible.