Sunday, March 27

Body Of Proof Premiere

This Tuesday, March 29, 2011, yourself, your friends, and everyone you know and their mothers, should be watching ABC at 10 p.m. Or you will surely miss out on the American premiere of what critics are saying will be the new Grey's Anatomy, "Body of Proof". The show is sort of a combination of Grey's Anatomy and House, with a police procedural background, and a great cast.

Not to mention I worked on it, and Episode 8 will be Mary Fegreus'(Mary Mary Mary) world television premiere. So now you all should be personally invested.


Ignore the promo that says Fridays this fall. Don't forget, get those ratings up Tuesday, March 29th at 10 PM on ABC!



  1. Ima be watching it for sure

  2. this looks awesome.

    combined with reruns of my fav 90s shows sounds like i'm going to be doing all of my senior year procrastinating in front of the television next semester. (the most tv i've watched in the last three years were the 17 days of each olympics).

  3. im so ready for "the proof... is in the body."

    glad that "our friends rock" tag is getting some use! it's just... so true.