Thursday, December 5

This is an interactive whale.

Pretty much self-explanatory. Be careful, you might waste hours playing with this.


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Thursday, August 15


Hey y'all,

sorry to plug my own product for the moment, but
a) i think it's pretty cool
b) you could be part of a national movement.

so, yeah.

Billy Shakes is a fictional milkshake shop with a very real and very awesome teeshirt/mascot, which is a picture of William Shakespeare that I copied, pasted into Microsoft Word, and onto which I drew a milkshake. You can see it illustrated on my friend Cam's shirt below (I am pointing at it):

Me and Billy (kid on the right, the co-founder of Billy Shakes) are selling them for $15 a pop. No worries, I won't be offended or cry if none of y'all want one, just figured i'd put it in all the places that I know the hip kids hang out....


Just know that a Billy Shakes shirt today may mean a free milkshake tomorrow!!! or something dramatic like that!

thanks erryone and if nothing else just tell yer frandz about it and spread it around, any color is available as long as it's sold at Wal-Mart or Michael's so the sky's the limit. Except heather gray. Fuck heather gray.

Peace Love Billy Shakes,


Thursday, June 13

Mad Mad Mad Mad Men

Thank Netflix for Netflix. I mean, how else would I be able to catapult myself into Mad Men being 5 Seasons behind. 5 Seasons, y'all! And now I'm caught up. And so's MikePirog. And we're loving it.

Coming from NJ and having HBO, we are both long time fans of The Sopranos and recently watched the entire series over again and I swear on all that is good and holy, if Mad Men ends in the same way I will hurl my dog at the TV. Suffice it to say though, I've learned to become a VERY careful watcher of TV shows by Matt Weiner because this dude LOVES DETAILS. The significance of Tony Soprano eating oranges is not lost on me. (Its partly a shout out to the Godfather, which was shouting out the troubled Medici family of Renaissance Florence)

Enough of this. There's a shit ton of Mad Men theories flying around right now.
Such as, Megan is already dead, Megan is GOING to die, the COUNTLESS Bob Benson options,

So here's my 2 cents:

1. I'm NOT giving up on the Dante connection. We open the season with Don on a beach (paradise) reading about Hell (Dante).

But, Dante is going through Hell to come out on the other side and find his Beloved Beatrice. Don loves no one, really. And belongs in almost every level of Hell except murderers, maybe? If Don's going to die (or get to heaven) he's got to endure a crapton, or have a Virgil by his side to guide him?

2. Pete's going to die.
What does Pete have left? His mom who hates him (Because he really is a twerp, I mean...)? His wife who keeps his daughter away from his philandering? His shitty brother? He's got Peggy. And Peggy knows she deserves better.

There's that old quote from Chekhov, "If there'a a gun on the wall in the first act, it's GOT to go off in the second act.".....

Campbell loves that rifle. Because he bought it in defiance of Trudy to show that he's a man and he can buy whatever he wants because he's a man. And Bob Benson's leg nudge was totally about manhood, right? Maybe Pete's manhood is called into question or threatened....Either way, that things going off.

3. I want Peggy and Stan to be BFFs forever. Like....forever. I want them in character, hosting the Golden Globes next year.

There's even a tumblr for it. Also, I wish I was close enough to a dude that we could have a code phrase meaning, "somebody's in my bed right now."
Also, sidenote - is Jay R. Ferguson Ron Swanson's little brother?

Sorry, I got lost in Stan Rizzo's blue blue eyes, I gotta go.

Enjoy y'all, happy watching.


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Tuesday, May 14

Don't Tap the Glass

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Last night was an amazing event where the Boston Bruins came back down 3 goals to win a deciding game 7  against the Toronto Maple Leafs.  If that means nothing to you think of it as 20,000 drunk hairy freaks going from wanting to knock someone out to a scene on Bear Week in P-Town.

Inside Info: The post game show is literally located where 80% of the fans pour out from the Garden out onto Causeway St. to fill the bars surrounding the Garden and this studio.  I personally have smoked a joint right outside this building outside of a Pink concert.

Lights, Camera, Action:

Post Game Show Where Fans Take Over

I love the slow progression and how it throws the hosts off their game. It gets worse and worse as the production go on eventually causing Felger to accidentally drop an F Bomb coming back from commercial.  (Taken down from internet but will be back up soon)

What was that glass made of? Thunder sticks?  In the audio they played on "Toucher and Rich" a morning funny sports morning show in Boston, the noise gets so loud it messes with the sound waves coming out of the Felger's mouth.  Its like hes being patted on the back while hes talking.

So for those who think fans don't play a role in live entertainment, let this be a lesson to you.


Friday, April 5

Get Outta My Friend's Blog

How did Plus1Press become so plagued with automated comments and shit? Eff you, Blogger.

In any are FUCKING WELCOME. and . Some of them are REALLY hard to recognize without teeth at first.

Somehow, she still looks good.

Perfect sweater, RyGuy. Did you know this pic was going to happen?

 - fp
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Sunday, February 24

Oscar Predictions 2K13

As per requests from the V's, here is my prediction for quite possibly the tightest and best Oscar race in my lifetime. Trying to beat my record set two years ago of 22 of 24.

Tough categories were Best Director (still going back and forth between Lee and Spielberg for the past two weeks), Production Design (between 3 period pieces in 3 different countries, all taking place in the 1860s) and one of the greatest Supporting Actor races in Oscar history between 5 nominees, whom have all won in the past. 

Best Picture - Argo
Dark Horse: Lincoln

Best Director – Ang Lee
Dark Horse: Steven Spielberg

Best Actor in a Leading Role – Daniel Day Lewis
            Dark Horse: Hugh Jackman

Best Actress in a Leading Role – Jennifer Lawrence
            Dark Horse: Emmanuelle Riva

Best Actor in a Supporting Role – Robert De Niro
            Dark Horse: Tommy Lee Jones (Possibly Christoph Waltz as well. So close)

Best Actress in a Supporting Role – Anne Hathaway
            Dark Horse: Sally Field

Best Original Screenplay – Quentin Tarantino (Django Unchained)
            Dark Horse: Mark Boal (Zero Dark Thirty)

Best Adapted Screenplay – Chris Terrio (Argo)
            Dark Horse: David O. Russell (Silver Linings Playbook)

Best Cinematography – Claudio Miranda (Life of Pi)
            Dark Horse: Roger Deakins (Skyfall)

Best Film Editing – William Goldenberg (Argo)
            Dark Horse: William Goldenberg (Zero Dark Thirty)

Best Production Design – Anna Karenina
            Dark Horse: Les Miserables (Lincoln maybe as well. Tough call)

Best Foreign Language Film - Amour
            Dark Horse: Yeah. It’s just gonna be Amour.

Best Animated Feature – Wreck it Ralph
            Dark Horse: Brave

Best Costume Design – Anna Karenina
            Dark Horse: Les Miserables

Best Makeup and Hairstyling – The Hobbit
            Dark Horse: Les Miserables

Best Live Action Short Film - Curfew
Dark Horse: Death of a Shadow

Best Animated Short Film - Paperman
            Dark Horse: Adam and Dog

Best Documentary Feature – Searching for Sugar Man
            Dark Horse: The Gatekeepers

Best Documentary Short
 – Mondays at Racine
            Dark Horse: Inocente

Best Visual Effects – Life of Pi
            Dark Horse: The Hobbit

Best Sound Editing – Zero Dark Thirty
            Dark Horse: Life of Pi

Best Sound Mixing – Les Miserables
            Dark Horse: Skyfall

Best Original Score – Mychael Danna (Life of Pi)
            Dark Horse: John Williams (Lincoln)

Best Original Song - Skyfall
            Dark Horse: Les Miserables

-AM Film

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Thursday, February 21

Animal Update

Hi ho, here, it's Fisti with your Animal Update for the beginning of 2013.

Every single weekday, without fail, my husband will spend at least a half an hour of his workday searching through NBC's, Yahoo's, and NatGeo's Animal Photos of the Day or Week. He will then, without fail, compile these images into a special e-mail for me that usually gets to me by 2PM that day of all of my favorite critters.

Its great. Its like, "Hey, did some kid spit on you? Here, look at this otter playing basketball." Seriously everybody look at this otter:

Also, I'm exploring tumblr right now (I know I'm late to the party but I brought chips so...) and I found Birds with Arms. Some of them ain't so great, but some of them are funny as shit.


Lastly, in an attempt to go to obscure and crazy-fun stuff like the Iowa State Fair, MP and I are working on attending the Tri-State Basset Hound BoardWaddle. Its a convention of basset hound owners who get together, day drink, and make their dogs do stupid shit. But then, they're bassets so the dogs AND the owners get lazy as hell. Full report.

That's all the animal news for now, my fine feathered friends.

Wannabe ASPCA Member,

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Wednesday, February 13

Amy Started a Blog

Amy started a blog. She is a good writer. Its about women and the things they can do. There are boobs. Women to Woman

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~T. Clap

Wednesday, January 30


Disney just released this new short yesterday. It features a snazzy new technique for combining hand-drawn and computer generated animation which is cool and all, but more importantly, it's adorable and perfect for the pre-Valentine's season. Quick people, start riding trains and carrying papers around again. An iphone smacking me in the face might not have quite the same effect.

(The video is unlisted, ie only those with the link can view it and I'm prevented from embedding it prettily into the blogger interface at the moment)


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Wednesday, January 16

Noah St. John - Storyteller

This year's NPR Snap Judgement Performance of the Year. Needless to say I shed sloppy tears on my laptop watching this.

Lover of Love

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