Monday, October 29

Bob Ross: Hardass

As Google delightfully pointed out, today would have been Bob Ross's 70th birthday. I f-ing love Bob Ross. Such an amazing painter (also good animated, and especially good auto-tuned).

But apparently Bob wasn't always such a laid back guy. He used to be in the military. BOB. ROSS.

I was the guy who makes you scrub the latrine, the guy who makes you make your bed, the guy who screams at you for being late to work,”' he told the Orlando Sentinel. “The job requires you to be a mean, tough person. And I was fed up with it. I promised myself that if I ever got away from it, it wasn't going to be that way any more.”


Meanwhile there is a happy little tree going by my window.

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Sunday, October 28

Iron Man Three

Has Everyone Already Seen The Iron Man Three Trailer? I Just Did. Its Awesome. RDJ Can Do No Wrong The Red White And Blue Suit Look Ssick And Every Superhero Needs Some Time In The Snow. Come On April

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Friday, October 26

Critique the Creek, Y'all

Guys, this is NOT a hella-long post about Dawson's Creek.

But if you want it to be, head over to my new spinoff blog: Critique the Creek

I can't not talk about this show, but I realized that die-hard fans usually know nothing about Seasons 5 + 6, the college years, because we were all making our real life Dawson's Creek plotlines happen.

So, enjoy, visit, oh and


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Thursday, October 25

Tina Fey Voice of Reason

Sometimes no one can say it better than Tina Fey.


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NPR and Christmas Unicorns

 I've been encountering a lot of new music that I actually like lately (as in this morning). Enjoy!

1. Maybe you don't listen to Sufjan Stevens Christmas albums all year round or even celebrate Christmas. It's cool, just give it a try, this stuff is great. Sufjan's releasing the next installment (volumes 6-10) of Christmas music, on November 13th AND THAT IS NOT ALL: he has planned a tour to promote said box-set extravaganza. The tour is entitled: "Surfjohn Stevens Christmas Sing-A-Long: Seasonal Affective Disorder Yuletide Disaster Pageant on Ice". Sounds pretty fun. Some Plus1Press contributors already have tickets, everyone else should consider coming too.

Here is the only currently released track off the album, the single "Christmas Unicorn":


2. NPR is killing it right now. They have an online series entitled "Heavy Rotation" where the radio show staff members take turns picking favorite new tracks from their shows. The current ones are great, click this link and go now to listen before they change them! I like the last two best, "Dream in Blue" by Stray Birds and "Perfectly Yours" by Robert Francis (rocking a sweet "mom" tatoo).

he looks a bit like a scruffy joseph gordon levitt
If you're in the mood for something entirely different to listen to, check out my friend's sister's book review and Weekend Edition interview with Linda Werthheimer  on npr about her debut novel. It's getting really great reviews, which is terrific for her first book. I read this stunningly chilling novel in one sitting and can gladly loan it to anyone in the Boston area. Or buy a copy yourself for $10.50 new, $7.87 used and support the author!

That's all, folks.


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Monday, October 22

Council Bill 2012-226

I can't embed the video but don't let that turn you off. Watch it and see how much this guy dislikes gay rights . . . 

or does he?

standing on the right side of history,


Saturday, October 20

92.9 Is My Jam

I Listen To The Radio At Work. During The Day For The Most Part Its Static And Oldies. The Morning And Afternoons I Am Driving Though And I Was At A Loss For What To Listen To. I Am Driving With A Wide Mix Of People And Pleasing Everyone Is A Noption A Non Option. I Can't Do KISS In The Morning Because Matty Has Gone Sour And Cruel In His Old Age He Shits On Everyone And Takes FOREVER To Do It. Ive Never Laughed At A Jam Scam. There Goes 94.5 The New 103.3 Is A Good Pop Station Again Though Wide Mix Of People And Only I'm Into It No 103.3. Then Miraculously 92.9 Solved All Of My RadioProblems. If You Listen To It For An Hour You Are Going To Hear A RHCP Song A Nirvana Song Some Classic Rock And Then Sublime. And The Commercials Are Comparable To Pandora Which I Accept. Madness By Muse Is 92.9's Jam Right Now. And The Accasperation Of Every A  Capella Group From Here To There. As A Vocal Suspects SuperFanForLife I Wish I Could Time Travel Back To The Hide And Seek Days And Have You All Go Straight From Love Fool Into Hide And Seek Into Madness And Then Drop The Mike And Collect Your Trophies. Don't Watch The Video It Adds Nothing Hit Play And Close Your Eyes. Shout Out To Radio.

Silence Filler
not really though
I mean sometimes

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Bieber's Best

As Long As You Love Me Came Out Over The Summer. I Had Heard It Before. This Morning I Listened To It And As Long As You Love Me Grooved Its Way Right Into My Brain. I Back To Back To Back'd The Video. As Long As You Love Me I'll Be Your Silver I'll Be Your Platinum I'll Be Your Gold Is A Golden Line. You're My Hallelujah Is A Rose Golden Line. The Production Value On The Video Is Feature Presentation And If You Hate Fun You Can Just Stick Around Until The End When Mr. Blonde Goes HAM On Biebs For Being His Daughter's Silver Platinum Gold.

I Love Love

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Friday, October 19

Mr. Wes+ Mr. West

Okay, so this is pretty great, have you guys seen this?

This blog combines screen caps of Wes Anderson films with Kanye West lyrics. Plus1Press has a heavy following of both Wes and West fans, so this is kind of a high-urgency must-post-immediately type subject.

The Royal Tenenbaums/All of the Lights
Moonrise Kingdom/Robocop
And, this is an excellent French commercial for cheese, with monsters.

Happy Friday everyone!

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Thursday, October 4

Letters of Note

Call me old-fashioned, but I'm a sucker for snail mail. It's always seemed to be a miracle how the whole thing works. All you have to do is write the address correctly and put enough postage on the envelope, and then days or weeks or months later the little message will end up in the correct hands.

Perusing the blog of Anis Mojgani, I stumbled upon a wonderful thing called "Letters of Note". It's an archive of correspondences between all sorts of fascinating people. One in particular I think the Plus1Press community will love is a letter written to Maurice Sendak by his editor, two years before his famous children's book "Where the Wild Things Are" was published.

There is also a hilarious and graphic letter written to Jack Kerouac by a friend who would be Jack's inspiration for Dean Moriarty in On the Road, and a letter from the nephew of Hitler to President Roosevelt, asking to allow him to join the army and fight in the war.

I'm not a librarian, but my new office is in the library on campus, and I think it's starting to rub off on me. Online archives are getting me pretty fired up these days.

-LAB, resident nerd

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Monday, October 1

Busdriver is the best RAPPER alive

I wanted to throw my two cents in.  Busdriver is the man.  His rhymes flow like lava through the earths crust, picking up small creatures and high-temperature bacteria in its wake, then forming entire new worlds for you to live in when it dries.

Here's one of his more favorite songs, where he raps with his producer, who the fasted hip hop flutiest living.

This is also a video of him free styling in the car.  This sh*t is real and that mustache don't lie.

His lyrics are intelligent, witty and absolutely ridiculous.  He dont mess around talking about shooting people in the face or doing drugs unless he's being facetious.   He spits so fast and so articulately that you forget that your hairs on fire because your too busy thinking about the deep thoughts he has implanted in your future memories.

And now watch this.

-Eroc Ramm