Friday, December 31

the children are our future

I've been waiting for the right moment to share this amazing picture. As the cast of the Jersey is hosting MTVs New Year's show tonight, I decided there's no time like the present.

I must have seen a hundred pictures of people dressed as the jersey shore cast, but this group of 7 year olds is definitely the best.

Happy New Year,


Thursday, December 30

Distortin' Norton

So, there's this artist named Brandon Bird who's pretty freakin' cool.
He makes art that usually includes putting a pop icon into odd paintings or drawings. For example,

Serious Genius - Check out his group show of artwork and poetry inspired by Edward Norton.


Monday, December 27

Football celebrations have nothing on FĂștbol celebrations

This is Stjarnan FC. An Icelandic soccer team that specializes in one thing, other than awesomeness.

Here are the links to a couple of their best:

Fish Celebration
Human Toilet Celebration
Human Bicycle Celebration
Birth Celebration


Thursday, December 23

Someone stole Ty's dream and made it real

Have you heard any of TKM's couch dreams? They are amazing, but I have a hard time picturing them because i'm bad at that spacial imagination stuff.

BUT it's real!!!!!!!!!!!!

I found it amongst some other mind-blowing, yet simple, pretty much genius inventions.
[WARNING: some of them suck. rug sandals, i'm looking at you.] 

then i found the company that makes it and they have a bunch of other crazy wall beds. it's based in london, so we'll have to find an american retailer.

some dreams do come true,


Wednesday, December 22


Recently I was at work doing some wikipedia'ng. Somehow I got to Kirk Cameron and while reading his page I learned that DJ Tanner from Full House is played by Candace Cameron Bure who is Kirk Cameron's real life sister and I was like "really??". Also Kirk Cameron is a total wackadoodle who talks about crocoducks. really??

Monday, December 20

Mariah Christmas

I've talked to a bunch of people, including a punk rocker, a conservative person, and others that have a surprising opinion, which I share with them.
They and I agree that Mariah Carey's "All I want for Christmas" is the best Christmas song, maybe not of all time, but certainly in modern times. (But also, maybe of all time)
No song I can think of gets me in the holiday spirit as much that song.

In the comments section, I'd love to hear what your favorite X-mas songs are.


Thursday, December 16

Nat'l Geographic Photos

National Geographic has an amateur photo contest every year and the winning photos for this year were just announced. These two are my favorite; the rest of the photos are amazing too, except for any picture of a snake which I do not endorse in any way.

Tuesday, December 14

Potential Cure for HIV

We may have finally found the cure. Doctors believe that a man who underwent a stem cell transplant in 2007 has been cured of HIV as a result. It's pretty amazing. Here's the article as reported by the Huffington Post.


Sunday, December 12

Poseidon would be proud

UNREAL sandcastles blow everyones mind.

This is a link to some more, plus just a great website.


Coolest House Eva??

I think it's in Brussels somewhere.


Friday, December 10

Top 50 Holiday movies

 The Boston Globe did a survey to find the top 50 Holiday movies. I'm surprised by how many of them I have never seen, and that Die Hard isn't higher on the list.

What is the greatest holiday movie of all time? We asked our readers that very question , and they responded by helping us select the top 50 films for the season (though, due to multiple ties, there are actually 52 movies on this list). So, which movie ran off with the honor of being crowned No. 1? Click through to find out and tell us which movies you'll be watching this season and why !

THE list


How to get a sweet role on HBO

If you caught HBO's Boardwalk Empire this year, you're probably familiar with Agent Sepso, ie creepy prohibition Agent Nelson's assistant. Or you may have already been familiar with him, from his role on the Sopranos, where he had exactly one line in one episode.

After his stint on the Sopranos he made a video about his experience that went viral and ended up catching the attention of of the creators of Boardwalk Empire (who actually wrote that one line), and got him a sweet role. It's a pretty good story.

I have a soft spot of white guys rapping comically. And if you watch the whole video, the guy who comes in at the end now has his own show on HBO, How to Make It In America, and looks a lot like our own R. Kirby. Not too shabby.


Wednesday, December 8

This just in.

In response to AV's post, I wanted to console her by letting her know the MPAA just overturned it's initial NC-17 rating for Blue Valentine, not really citing why. There was a huge outpouring from critics who saw this as an issue larger then just this film, with Ryan Gosling citing their decision as "misogynistic."  The director Derek Cianfrance said:

“To me, that’s censorship. And I respect what the actors are doing in this movie too much to change that. It’s as if to say, ‘Ryan, Michelle, you’re good in this movie, but you’re a little too good. It was never our intention to make a movie that would offend people. It was a moviethat would try to respect people. What you’re left with at end of this movie is emotions. Ultimately, I take it as a compliment that the feeling gave this movie an NC-17.”

Bam. They fought the law and the law realized it was stupid and should just let people watch movies.


Tuesday, December 7

Found Art

In the last film I worked on, one of the characters was a "found artist" which means they use scraps and trash they find everywhere to make glorious art pieces with. The set decorators used a lot of art from a guy named Tom Deininger who is based out of the town next to me. I've met him a few times and have jammed with him in his giant warehouse studio. He has art pieces as big as walls, and they are all amazing.

For example, this is a shot Courtney Ford (of Dexter fame) took from the side. It looks like all trash and scraps and even some small branches.

But all you do is change the perspective to the front and its amazing.

It's all artwork where you can be really up close and it looks like an entire mess, but standing far away resembles a masterpiece.  This is a screen shot of the film, where you can see Courtney and Brandon Routh (Superman) in front of a piece that looks like an amazing array of colors, but is really hundreds and hundreds of broken action figures.

Check out more of Tom's art here:


The Patriots Honor Tedy Bruschi

Last night during the Patriots epic win over the New York Jets ESPN, for some reason, didn't air the half time ceremony honoring one of their own broadcasters, Tedy Bruschi, for his 13 amazing seasons as a New England Patriot. THANKFULLY posted the entire ceremony for your viewing pleasure and you can see it here.

Personally I thought Bruschi was completely humbled by the entire experience and looked like he was on the verge of tears a couple times. Bruschi took the high road during his speech, choosing to highlight the coach and other players of those championship teams instead of himself, proving once and for all that he truly is one classy dude!

For those who don't know Tedy Bruschi helped the Patriots win three Super Bowl Championships in his tenure despite suffering a stroke in 2005.  Basically he's a badass, a class act, a family man, and a total cutie! If John Gruden ever decides to coach again Bruschi's got my vote to replace him on Monday Night Football!


Saturday, December 4

NC-17 is f***ing up my s***

Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams star in Blue Valentine, an independent film that is getting tons of press. Firstly because it's supposed to be totally amazing, and additionally for garnering an NC-17 rating, reportedly for a scene lasting less than a minute depicting Ryan performing cunnilingus.

It's kind of a big deal because an NC-17 rating all but guarantees that the movie will make no money and the majority of America will have to wait for the DVD to come out to see for themselves. 

A new side to the controversy has no sprung up as another indie with a lot of buzz, Black Swan, starring a crazed ballerina Natalie Portman, just got an R rating. This movie ALSO features a scene of similar length this time with Mila Kunis performing cunnilingus. So what's the difference? As far as anyone can tell, including the equally confused directors of each film, the only difference is that in the film with an R rating there are two girls, instead of a guy and girl. Or maybe Ryan and Michelle's performance is "too real" ie way too awesome.  You can read all about it here.

Well the Blue Valentine crew has flat out refused to change the movie, but has appealed the rating and is waiting to hear back, though a rating has never been changed without the movie being changed to the MPAA's liking.

I guess we'll just have to be satisfied with this amazing trailer for now, because you'll probably be waiting for the DVD release to see Blue Valentine.

ps. if you like Ryan's singing in the trailer, check out his band Dead Man's Bones. It's like if Johnny Cash and the Supremes got hired to write the soundtrack for Disney Haunted Mansion Ride. In a good way.

Friday, December 3

Your move, Gaga

Those aren't nipples... they're art.
These dresses from Chinese couture designer Guo Pei's show "The Arabian 1002nd Night" are totally, insanely awesome.

The origami-like detailing reminds me of Gaga circa "Poker Face." Next time she performs, it must be in one of these outfits. -id

Thursday, December 2

A Liddle Riddle

What is this?

Making music though not that good.
Add an "ey" to describe, I would.

Ask for Pop to help you here.
Everyone smells when it is near.

It's a dirty job, to power machines.
But ask the earth, for him it cleans.

Some say our country started this.
And gave it to the European, Chris.

When he sailed back, the ocean blue.
He once ate, and didn’t chew.
And what you ask? What did it do?
Well my friends it appeared, in his poo.


Wednesday, December 1

A "Famous Person" We met

When TKM and I were on Venice Beach we took a picture with the Crazy Guy on the beach. Today Kanye put a link to this song on his twitter and Crazy Guy pops up for a second at a minute 24 seconds in. Its a drag that Chris Brown is in the video he does not sing in it, I hate him forever, I like this song alot though.
June 2005


Johnny Cash impersonates Elvis

Also, Poor Willie Nelson

Tuesday, November 30

Shakshuka is Hebrew for Delicious

Okay so that's not true. Shakshuka is a Middle Eastern dish and no one's really sure where it originated (some say Tunisia, others Israel). All that matters is it's super tasty, quick, easy, and cheap to prepare.

Check out the recipe. I ate it with warm naan and it was perfection. -id

Monday, November 29

Color pictures from way back when.

We're kind of on a photgraph kick right now, but I can't keep these to myself. These are color photos from 1939-1943 capturing the effects of the Depression on small town America. They are some of the only color photos of that era and they are really striking. I think I've only ever seen sepia or black and white pictures from that time period and it's pretty breathtaking in color.

I'm having a hard time picking pictures because I love so many of them. I picked pictures with lots of people, because in color they are so much more intense than the typical black and white family shots.

A couple of homesteaders in New Mexico, 1940

Performers from the "girlie show" in at Vermont State Fair, 1941
Also, the pictures are from all over America. There are pictures from Massachusetts, Georgia, New Mexico and more, it's a real cross section: farmers, school children, working women, landscapes.  Towards the end you can see original war posters in the backgrounds of pictures.

See all the pictures here

Friday, November 26

Up Up and Away

For all you aspiring hand gliding, airplaning flying out there or if you just wanna see some cool shit - This guy Yann created all these photos while flying a plane above a bunch of awesome places from anywhere to above cities to above herds of ELEPHANTS!

Apparently some city planners really wanted people to view their spot from up above. And also stuff just looks great from up high!( ;) ) I've been to these two places that Yann snapped:

Most Giant Sand Dune in Australia

                                                 The Beautiful Los Angeles Highway System


Wednesday, November 24

French Fry Update

while we all hold our breath waiting for bk to release a sweet potato fry

this is pretty awesome

Tuesday, November 23

a little more harry potter

Ever think to yourself, "if there was just one more page of harry potter i would jump all over that shit faster that a speeding snitch."

Well you're in luck, because jk rowling wrote an 800-word prequel adventure of James and Sirius for charity in 2008.

With any luck she'll keep it up every once in a while, we'll try to stay on top of it.

av & id

The Association: The Celtics

If you want more Shrek and Donkey, more big 4, more SHAQ! then you gotta check out The Association which is gonna feature the Boston Celtics. It's a five episode series starting December 3rd on ESPN, I'm excited!


Wednesday, November 17

This is Pretty Damn Cooool

So this guy named Jeffrey Martin took 8,000 pictures of London and stitched them all together to create this insanely detailed picture of the entire city. It's somthing like 80 gigapixels whatever that means. It's very cool.


Tuesday, November 16

MC Chris and HP fans, this ones for youuuuuu

MC Chris - Neville

I am the chosen one
No need to hold a gun
I take you there like a Double Decker bus does
I am a Gryffindor
Stand up to Voldemort
I break it up like it was horcruxes

Loved by the kitchen staff I'm why the Weasleys laugh
Know my way around in fact I memorized marauders map
If you have to ask what its like and how longs it last
Kinda sorta felt like wearing a flaming sorting hat
Name is Neville, Im a rebel, dont worry about detention
Did I fail to mention that my specialties suspension
As in getting lifted Im a hippy comes to Hogwarts hookups
Im the kid you look up when you feel like getting shook up
I got cockroach clusters I got them chocolate frogs
I got every flavor made by that babe Bertie Botts
I got what you want
I got what you need
I got those wizzy beats so fizzy you say wizard please
Im summoned with a spell cause pagers are prohibited
You can go to hell if you think my times unlimited
Ill meet you by the willow kid if you prefer the forest
Just bring that goblin gold and dont wake Mrs. Norris *what*

I am the chosen one
No need to hold a gun
I take you there like a Double Decker bus does
I am a Gryffindor
Stand up to Voldemort
I break it up like it was horcruxes

They say that I am lacking and I aint up to snuff
Snapes always on my case cause he secretly sucks
Its hard remembering stuff I think my brain has been wiped
Like I might have seen some shit that would scar you for life
So they think that Im a fuck up and its brilliantly clever
So many things I cant remember like wheres my toad Trevor
Can I ask for the password I fear I have forgotten
Call me Neville longbottom I leave every bong rotten
Love treacle, buckbeak elf eye to Ireland
Meet me at the One Eyed Witch or Room of Requirement
Step back catch a cactus blast of my stinksap
Chill Dumbledore is down in fact he likes a fat sack
If you want a break from the stress and the studies
Holler at youre buddy and Ill make you feel funny
Im the pudgy pure blood packin unicorn power
Up in the highest tower where I fire up my flowers

This is stupid guys...
This is stupid...were wasting our money
We should be using magic

I am the chosen one
No need to hold a gun
I take you there like a Double Decker bus does
I am a Gryffindor
Stand up to Voldemort
I break it up like it was horcruxes


Monday, November 15

Thanks Alton Brown, you rock.

Alton Brown used to really annoy me. Can't really tell you why.. I just found his cooking show on the Food Network to be boring, and thought his little jokes and skits on the show were seriously lame.

I am now a total convert because you guys.. his recipes are AMAZING! I made his Curry Chicken Pot Pie a few weeks ago and it was the best pot pie I've ever had.

Last night for the Pats/Steelers game I made his Hot Spinach/Artichoke Dip and it was soooo delicious, easy & cheap. 

So if you're looking for cooking inspiration, browse his 100 Top Rated Recipes at I promise you won't be disappointed. 

(Except maybe skip his baking stuff.)
(I like his show now-- he's just a food nerd.)

Saturday, November 13

express yourself. or just read other people's letters.

McSweeny's, the publishing house founded by indie golden boy Dave Eggers, has a pretty all right website it turns out, called McSweeny's Internet Tendency, and I just came across the section called Open Letters. Charmingly explained as:
O P E N   L E T T E R S
T O   P E O P L E   O R   E N T I T I E S
W H O   A R E   U N L I K E L Y
T O   R E S P O N D .

These letters are submitted by readers that cover a wide range of topics. From Pumpkin Flavored Seasonal Treats to Undated Yard Sale Signs and the Yard Sale Purveyors Who Make them to The Person in Charge of New Punctuation they are funny, clever and pretty entertaining.  

And they take submissions. So use that anger, frustration or remorse that you couldn't express in person and write your own open letter. I look forward to reading it and suspecting that i know the author.  


Thursday, November 11


I ♥ This

WAY TOO YOUNG to be single ladies

This is OUT OF CONTROL. They are MAYBE ten years old. 

....but part of me might just be jealous at how good they are, because I definitely can't get my leg up by my head while standing up these days. Hope this doesn't creep y'all out too much.


Wednesday, November 10

Royality in America

I need to throw out some kudos to a family that has become the epitome of success in entertainment. Not the Sheens/Estevez, not the Douglas’s, and not even the Cusacks. The most kick ass family is handsdown: The Smiths.  Will, Jada Pinkett, Willow, and Jadan, Seriously. WOW. This family all consist of people who constantly and consistently, GET SHIT DONE. All quintessential overachievers.
Jadan: He became the master to Jackie Chan. ‘nuff said.

Willow: Guys. She’s 9 years old. Can we talk about this? 9 YEARS OLD!  Have you listened to “whip my hair” enough to appreciate this fact?! I have, and it’s insane. Her voice is soooo good, better then a ton of the girls on the radio today. And once it’s in your head, it sticks like the ultra-sticky goo Dr. Keanbean made from “Richie Rich” (a personal favorite)
Jada Pinkett: Scream series and Matrix series. Don’t know if you’ve heard of them, they are kind of a big deal, and she was great and hot in both (even if the movies weren’t).and she is probably just one of the best moms ever.
Will:  What is there to say? This dude taught us to “get jiggy wit it” in “Miami”. And after he went “home to Bel Air!”, he saved the world in SEVEN movies, from aliens, robots, and even de-evolved human/zombie thingys.

Men in Black
Men in Black 2
Men in Black 3*
I, Robot
Independence Day
I am Legend
(*about to start filming).

He also saved the country in Wild Wild West (another favorite), and with Pursuit of Happiness and Seven Pounds, made a lot of girls cry (and probably a few dudes, which is totally cool). The only actor that just could never play a bad guy, because you always want him to win.
He’s the King of Kings.
They are America’s Royal Family.


Saturday, November 6

Betinho et Kika

I'm singing with the University of Vienna chamber choir while I'm here, and every year they sing some carols and things to open the Christmas market in the courtyard of the old campus of the university. (the Christmas markets all open NEXT WEEK btw). This year, all of our carols are from Latin America, so I've been trying to find recordings and youtube videos because I can't pronounce any of this stuff and the songs go whicked fast.
In my search to find "Chorinho Natalinho" I found a bunch of other "Chorinho-s" played by this duo. I love how the lady filming introduces them and they jam on their ukuleles with straight, serious faces except for the occasional smile from Betinho, definitely the softy of the duo.

This one is my favorite.
but this one is also pretty sweet.
you can see Betinho's tat better in this one

the more videos of these guys I watch the more I want to jam with them. or just sway happily back and forth.


Friday, October 29

Sisters, sisters

This just made me happy, as I am currently far, far away from my sister, but even just writing & recieving e-mails from her makes me happy. Sorry to be so goopy and sentimental, for everyone who doesn't have a sister.
(you're obviously missing out)


Thursday, October 28


I was en route put up a link to Kanye's Runaway
and the internet reminded me about Del Shannon's Runaway,
if you don't have 34 minutes to watch Kanye's Runaway
you should at least watch the Ballin' Ballet Dance Scene
I love Kanye.

Wednesday, October 27

what the what?

This picture is flying around the internet, mostly claiming it's a picture of a Danish Prince. I did a little research and according to this pretty legit looking website cataloguing all of the artist's works (the site's in Danish, I had to let google translate it) it's more likely just a picture of some rich businessman.

But the fact remains, this Danish dude from 1835, looks a hell of a lot like Jim Halpert (aka John Krasinski) of the Office.

Check it out:


Tuesday, October 26


this french artist decided to take portraits of people all over the world and blow them up and put them on walls and roofs and trains and everywhere.

your face here 100x bigger


Holmes, Sherlock Holmes

PBS is airing a BBC three part miniseries about an updated Sherlock Holmes that started last week
the first episode was amazing
and you forget that Sherlock looks like an alien right away

Thursday, October 21

Harry Potter Tattoo MADNESS

I'm very happy for him. But seriously?!
As you may all know, I LOVE HARRY POTTER. Who wouldn't? I'm counting down the days till the hopefully-not-sucky HP7.1 movie hits theaters on November 19. (As Alice pointed out, it won't be in 3D—yay!)

But there is no way in hell that I'd ever get a HP-themed tattoo. This collection of hilariously awful HP-themed tattoos made me laugh out loud. It was hard to pick a favorite.  


Wednesday, October 20

The Wonderous World of Technology

There really is an app for everything and I've found the one that truly makes my heart flutter.  Check out my new singing cat friend. I taught him this song:


Tuesday, October 19

Bananas Need Protection Too

I don't think there is a more phallic every-day-edible than a banana. I bring bananas to work for lunch on a regular basis and it never fails to generate amusement with the co-workers. Yesterday my banana happened to be brown, which brought on a flood of sexual preference jokes. It probably doesn't help that I have a banana case. YES that's right. My friend gave me a plastic case in the shape of a banana. Amazingly enough, it actually fits most bananas! Of course when I go shopping for my bunches of bananas I know what size and curvature to look for to best fit the case. I had never heard of a banana case before, but it really is pure genius. I remember in college I would try taking bananas from the dining hall so I could eat it later in the day, but as soon as I threw it in my bag with books it would turn brown and nasty and get squished to the point that Jill would wanna VOM. Enter: The Banana Case. Now I have no problem with throwing my banana around (heh heh heh) because the hard shell protects it. I decided to google search the banana case to see what kind of options were out there and I stumbled across the banana bunker, which straight up looks like a condom. SERIOUSLY.... that is a hard plastic condom. But it works like a charm. It is flexible yet durable to change in lengh and curvature all while maintaining the health of the banana. Watch the how to and durability videos to see what I mean.



Monday, October 18

Our parent's tax dollars.

UPDATED: Here's a link to the Eagle's article about the new bylaw.
According to this article, the new bylaw tacks on an addition $300 fine to the state ordered $100 for less than an ounce of pot on town property, including roads.

My brother happened to be at a Westford town meeting tonight and he told me about some breaking local news:

Westford has re-criminalized pot on public property in town, which includes, but is not limited to:
"any street, sidewalk, public way, footway, passageway, stairs, bridge, park, playground, beach, recreation area, boat landing, public building, school, school grounds, cemetery, or parking lot; or in or upon any bus or other passenger conveyance operated by a common carrier; or in or upon any place accessible to the public, including any person in a motor vehicle while it is in, or upon any public way or any way to which the public has a right of access within the Town."

Also, it's not a possession law, but a consumption law. The proposed law started with "No person shall burn, smoke, ingest, or otherwise use or consume marijuana."

Apparently the bylaw was proposed by Westford police and it passed. The link in this article is just about the proposal and there isn't an article about it passing yet, because its only been 3 hours, so I'll update this post as more info becomes available.

 Don't they have bigger things to worry about, like the rash of shootings in town last winter or the teen suicides sweeping the country? Get a life westford.


Wednesday, October 13

The Walking Dead!

Has Evan ever tried to get you to read a zombie graphic novel??? if he did it was probably The Walking Dead, and its awesome! what's even better is AMC is making it into a TV show! you know AMC, the same guys that pump out Breaking Bad and Mad Men, well they've gone zombie crazy with maybe the best zombie story I've ever read, I'm wicked excited and I think you should be too, first episode airs on Halloween, check it out: ZOMBIES!!


Saturday, October 9

Harry Potter 7 part 1 NOT in 3D, hallelujah

You may not agree with me, but I am tired of 3D. I don't need it, I don't want it, and honestly when it moves too fast (I'm looking at you, Step Up 3D) I can't follow it with my poorly trained, slow-moving eyes. It's pretty much the only Luddite tendency I have, but damn it, screw 3D.

And frankly, I resent the rash of making every movie 3D. Titanic? Seriously James Cameron, don't give me another reason to hate you. Now to be fair, some movies benefit from 3D and Harry Potter genre-wise makes sense. But thank the gods of movie making, HP7 part 1 wasn't filmed in 3D and the studio can't get it transferred to 3D in time for the Thanksgiving opening. YES!!!

According to the studio, Part 2 will be available in 3D and 2D, so depending on whether or not you agree with me, maybe we'll go see it together.


Wednesday, October 6

I won't deny it

I. love. Zooey.

and apparently, a lot of other people do too. I'm guilty of bringing her picture to my hair dresser to get those bangs,  and if I can find a hairdresser in my neighborhood today for less than 20 euros, I'm getting those bangs again.

My favorite quote in the article is from Joseph Gordon-Levitt.


Tuesday, October 5

Sunday, October 3

i highly recommend oktoberfest

I don't even like beer that much, but you have to do it. and it was fantastic.

Sunday, September 26

Justin, we really need to know

Don't get me wrong, I am totally pumped about The Social Network and i'm really glad that Justin is getting good reviews. But...well this clip really says it all.

We just wanna dance again!


Friday, September 17

Mirror Man!

This is really cool. Halloween costume?


Borat as Freddie

Sasha Baron Cohen is gonna play Freddie Mercury

I Fell For It

When Joaquin Phoenix appeared bat-shit crazy on the Letterman show I was fully convinced it was legit- I mean look at him:

But he was just in character to promote "Im Still here" a film by Casey Affleck. Letterman was not in on the joke so his reactions were genuine which I think is pretty funny. Phoenix is going to be back on the Letterman show next week and he wont be in character. Full Story


Thursday, September 16

Marcel the Shell with Shoes on

my favorite video on youtube, ever.


Up&Over It

My dad posted this video as his status, and it's crazy.

What's funny is that the song in the video is literally the only thing they play at this club I've been to a couple of times with the University of Vienna exchange student network. Really loudly and on loop for hours. But everyone goes because on Erasmus night from 7-8 all drinks are 50 cents.


Tuesday, September 14

Artsy Fartsy

Damien Hirst is wicked cool.
This article is about him.
This is his wikipedia page.

Dave Eggers Newest Book

Dave Eggers, hipster author extraordinaire, wrote a book about a story from Katrina that i never heard.  Abdulrahman Zeitoun stayed in New Orleans during the hurricane to protect his house and the properties he oversees and managed to aid and rescue ten of his neighbors in the 5 days after the storm by going around in an old canoe. Then he was arrested by the National Guard without being charged for anything and detained for something like 20 days on the suspicion of terrorism. Here is an article that goes into it briefly.

Eggers spent three years interviewing Zeitoun and his family and has written a book about it, sounds pretty cool. Supposedly an animated movie is being made out of it. If it's as striking as the cover it should be awesome.

Monday, September 13

This is fun. (Music)

Click Here for---> fun.

Its the guy from The Format and some other VIP.

It's upbeat happy-rock. Sounds like: Queen or Panic! At The Disco.

"At Least I'm Not as Sad as I Used to Be" is their hit but they're all great songs.