Wednesday, March 16

Parks and Rec, Party Down, Boy Meets World - The Adam Scott Triumvirate

You should be watching Parks and Recreation. The first season started rocky, but by the end it was awesome. The second season was all genius and the third season just started and is better than ever. The first and second season are all on Netflix instant watch and the third season is on demand right now.

Also streaming on Netflix is the complete series of Party Down, a show about a crappy catering company in LA made up of writers, actors and comedians trying to pay the bills and get their big break. So funny.

What do these two excellent shows have in common? Adam Scott. A terrific actor that I took an instant liking to. He has great facial expressions, like a shorter, more cynical Jim Halpert.

Today I figured out why I liked him right away. He was briefly on Boy MeetsWorld as super babe Griff Hawkins. Someone has kindly gathered his whole storyline into two youtube videos. Here's the first:

when asked about his role on Boy Meets World he said, "That was one of my first jobs too, but it's weird because at the time, Boy Meets World was a show for children, a show for 11-year-old girls. So it's not like it had any real meaning. It was a job I had. I made friends with a couple of people on the show. No one I knew watched it or even knew what it was...At the time, it was like being on a cartoon at 6 in the morning on a Saturday. It had no significance whatsoever. For me, it was exciting because it was a job on a TV show, but as far as a career thing, it was meaningless"

As a former 11 year old girl, I feel qualified to say, it meant a lot to us.



  1. I was shocked how much I remembered that episode. Boy meets world forever

  2. FEEEEENY. i just love him so much.

    this guy looks hilariously charming. really want to watch party down.

    ive never seen parks & rec, because bad reviews in the beginning turned me off it. where in the 1st season should i start? do i have to suffer through the beginning to get the whole show?

  3. the first episodes aren't terrible, they just aren't great. plus they're like 22 minutes long. blast through them and you'll be enjoying yourself in now time