Monday, March 21

Huckleberry Finn: The Hipster Edition

As you all know, much controversy has been had over the creation of a censored Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.

Now, it seems as if the controversy has shifted from the removal of the n-word to the replacement of the n-word with the word "hipster." It is all the talk at the lunch tables of Westford Academy. Fights have broken out, books have been burned, it's quite distressing.

av originally told me about it, but I found a way to download the whole book for free so you can enjoy or detest the alterations with all your heart.

I just wanted to share some great examples of the changes Richard Grayson has instituted in his rehashing of The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.

Jim was monstrous proud about it, and he got so he wouldn't hardly notice the other hipsters. Hipsters would come miles to hear Jim tell about it, and he was more looked up to than any hipster in that country. Strange hipsters would stand with their mouths open and look him all over, same as if he was a wonder. Hipsters is always talking about witches in the dark by the kitchen fire; but whenever one was talking and letting on to know all about such things, Jim would happen in and say, "Hm! What you know 'bout witches?" and that hipster was corked up and had to take a back seat.(13)

Tom Sawyer a HIPSTER-STEALER!(293)

So they went off a-jawing; and I felt dreadful glad I'd worked it all off on to the hipsters, and yet hadn't done the hipsters no harm by it.(244)

"Yes. You know that one-laigged hipster dat b'longs to old Misto Bradish? Well, he sot up a bank, en say anybody dat put in a dollar would git fo' dollars mo' at de en' er de year. Well, all de hipsters went in, but dey didn't have much. I wuz de on'y one dat had much. So I stuck out for mo' dan fo' dollars, en I said 'f I didn' git it I'd start a bank . Well, o' course dat hipster want' to keep me out er de business, bekase he says dey warn't business 'nough for two banks, so he say I could put in my five dollars en he pay me thirty- five at de en' er de year.(61)

And behind the woman comes a little hipster girl and two little hipster boys without anything on but tow-linen shirts, and they hung on to their mother's gown, and peeped out from behind her at me, bashful, the way they always do.(287)

In the morning we was up at break of day, and down to the hipster cabins to pet the dogs and make friends with the hipster that fed Jim—if it WAS Jim that was being fed. The hipsters was just getting through and starting for the fields; and Jim's hipster was piling up a tin pan with bread and meat and things; and whilst the others was leaving, the key come from the house.(307)

"I wouldn't shake my HIPSTER, would I?—the only hipster I had in the world, and the only property."(283)

Those are only a handful. Props to av for informing me of this.


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