Friday, April 1

Spaghetti doesn't grow on trees

You've probably realized it's April Fool's Day. Perhaps you've been inundated with prank attempts. Maybe it was TKM's not-birthday or Gmail Motion made you consider clearing a four foot space around your desk (my dad was totally fooled).  Perhaps an enthusiastic French teacher taught you about how April first is Poisson d'Avril or Fish of April in which all the jokes involve fish, so you've been noticing fish everywhere.

My favorite kind of April Fool's prank is fake news. I came across the first TV news April Fool's prank. In 1957 the BBC aired this news clip (don't mind the ten seconds of black at the beginning):

Apparently at the time in the UK spaghetti was considered pretty exotic, so people didn't know it didn't grow on trees and the BBC received a boatload of calls asking where to buy a spaghetti tree.

I wish spaghetti grew on trees, that'd be awesome.


  1. if poisson d'avril isn't a real holiday mme moran had all of us fooled.

  2. making spaghetti and meatballs for dinner tonight in honor of the awesome-ness of this post.