Sunday, September 26

Justin, we really need to know

Don't get me wrong, I am totally pumped about The Social Network and i'm really glad that Justin is getting good reviews. But...well this clip really says it all.

We just wanna dance again!


Friday, September 17

Mirror Man!

This is really cool. Halloween costume?


Borat as Freddie

Sasha Baron Cohen is gonna play Freddie Mercury

I Fell For It

When Joaquin Phoenix appeared bat-shit crazy on the Letterman show I was fully convinced it was legit- I mean look at him:

But he was just in character to promote "Im Still here" a film by Casey Affleck. Letterman was not in on the joke so his reactions were genuine which I think is pretty funny. Phoenix is going to be back on the Letterman show next week and he wont be in character. Full Story


Thursday, September 16

Marcel the Shell with Shoes on

my favorite video on youtube, ever.


Up&Over It

My dad posted this video as his status, and it's crazy.

What's funny is that the song in the video is literally the only thing they play at this club I've been to a couple of times with the University of Vienna exchange student network. Really loudly and on loop for hours. But everyone goes because on Erasmus night from 7-8 all drinks are 50 cents.


Tuesday, September 14

Artsy Fartsy

Damien Hirst is wicked cool.
This article is about him.
This is his wikipedia page.

Dave Eggers Newest Book

Dave Eggers, hipster author extraordinaire, wrote a book about a story from Katrina that i never heard.  Abdulrahman Zeitoun stayed in New Orleans during the hurricane to protect his house and the properties he oversees and managed to aid and rescue ten of his neighbors in the 5 days after the storm by going around in an old canoe. Then he was arrested by the National Guard without being charged for anything and detained for something like 20 days on the suspicion of terrorism. Here is an article that goes into it briefly.

Eggers spent three years interviewing Zeitoun and his family and has written a book about it, sounds pretty cool. Supposedly an animated movie is being made out of it. If it's as striking as the cover it should be awesome.

Monday, September 13

This is fun. (Music)

Click Here for---> fun.

Its the guy from The Format and some other VIP.

It's upbeat happy-rock. Sounds like: Queen or Panic! At The Disco.

"At Least I'm Not as Sad as I Used to Be" is their hit but they're all great songs.


Sunday, September 12

Jay-Z Just Signed This Girl

Will and Jada's Daughter Released A Song. Listen To It Here
Mostly She Says "IWhipMyHairBack&Forth,IWhipMyHairBack&Forth"
At One Point She Shouts Out Her Ladies,
Shes 9.


Friday, September 10


This amazing looking pile of food was a big hit at the Illinois State Fair. OBVIOUSLY.

Pulled pork + brisket + garlic mashed potatoes + BBQ sauce = cup o' love 

(I want one SO BADLY right now) .. (sorry if I made you hungry) - ID

Thursday, September 9

I took a few pictures of some awesome graffiti in my neighborhood and thought I would share them here.


Wednesday, September 8

Wowser Arizona

If you leave water for peeps coming accross the desert from Mexico into the USA you can be arrested
For littering
This Is Ruff

Tuesday, September 7

kanye and taylor one year later

The VMAs are this weekend and Kanye West recently got a twitter. These two things combined to create the wackiest burst of twittering in a long time. Saturday, Kanye sent out 70 tweets in two hours about how he shouldn't have interrupted Taylor, but also the media demonized him. Highlights including comparing himself to Ron Burgundy and the Wicked Witch of the West (he's seen Wicked four times!!!).

It's crazy. check out his twitter for the original, but for ease of reading Gizmodo edited his tweets, very faithfully, into letter form.

Apparently Taylor is not happy with this latest apology, saying he's using her name to promote his album due out soon.

But the real star of this story is the individual tweets. I can't even pick a favorite. 


Hope it Doesn't Rain

This must be what happens when you use Crayola's 3-D sidewalk chalk:

Probably not though

Here is Julian Beever's 3-D Sidewalk Art


Politics, Ugh

This is an article about a guy running for office
to help syphon votes away from his competition he had homeless people enter the race
its totally messed up
Check It Out

Mushrooms Help Cancer Patients

This article is about how gobbling magic mushrooms helps cancer patients deal with anxiety.
Click Right Here

Friday, September 3

Googling Ed Zachery

This is Ed Zachery, Assistant Superintendent of Midland, MO Schools
I love motivationals. -jv

Third Olsen Sister?

Apparently the Olsen twins have a few siblings, including a younger sister who looks like them only not as short and cracked out, who is about to be in a movie. This is the whole olsen family, she's the girl next to the twins.

Here's the article about it. In the article there's a picture of her that really shows the resemblance and it's freaking me out. Click here


Garfield minus Garfield

incase you haven't seen this
its Garfield comics that have had the Garfield taken out of them
they'r all great

Thursday, September 2

i like nate robinson mostly because of the shrek and donkey thing
this doesnt make me like him more
it defs is a easy way to spend 2 and a half minutes tho
its him playing football in highschool