Tuesday, May 14

Don't Tap the Glass

A Plus1Press Publication

Last night was an amazing event where the Boston Bruins came back down 3 goals to win a deciding game 7  against the Toronto Maple Leafs.  If that means nothing to you think of it as 20,000 drunk hairy freaks going from wanting to knock someone out to a scene on Bear Week in P-Town.

Inside Info: The post game show is literally located where 80% of the fans pour out from the Garden out onto Causeway St. to fill the bars surrounding the Garden and this studio.  I personally have smoked a joint right outside this building outside of a Pink concert.

Lights, Camera, Action:

Post Game Show Where Fans Take Over

I love the slow progression and how it throws the hosts off their game. It gets worse and worse as the production go on eventually causing Felger to accidentally drop an F Bomb coming back from commercial.  (Taken down from internet but will be back up soon)

What was that glass made of? Thunder sticks?  In the audio they played on "Toucher and Rich" a morning funny sports morning show in Boston, the noise gets so loud it messes with the sound waves coming out of the Felger's mouth.  Its like hes being patted on the back while hes talking.

So for those who think fans don't play a role in live entertainment, let this be a lesson to you.