Sunday, January 30

Superman is a babe, and a Brit.

In the year of super hero reboots, there has been some speculation about who will be cast as the new superman. Many people called for Jon Hamm, though the actor said throughout that he is too old to be Clark Kent.

It was announced today that Henry Cavill has been cast as Superman.

You may have never heard of him. He played Henry VIII's bff in the excellent series, The Tudors, which you should definitely check out. Also in the past few years he has narrowly missed several high profile parts. He lost on Batman to Christian Bale, Bond to Daniel Craig (too young), Twilight author Stephanie Meyer named him as her first choice for Edward Cullen (too old), and was a front runner for Superman the last time around when it went to Brandon Routh. 

Add Cavill to a story by Christopher Nolan and screenplay from the writer for Batman Begins and there's a good chance this movie is going to be sweet.

Also catch Cavill in Immortals,  Greek myth epic coming this fall. He worked out for this one:


p.s. this means that the current Spiderman, Batman, and Superman all hail from the British Isles.


  1. i need to get on watching the tudors. listened to you guys rave about it way too long now. and this guy is quite quite good-looking.