Saturday, January 8

Homebrewed hair rinse

For whatever reason, I keep hearing about apple cider vinegar hair rinses. So when i found a brand new bottle of it in the cupboard, I decided to go for it. According to magazines and a random facebook friend, the mixture helps remove build up from styling products and conditioners, restores hair's natural pH (whatever that means) and adds shine and bounce at the same time. So I tested it myself, just for you!

I used the simplest recipe I could find, which was 1/3 cup apple cider vinegar distilled in 1qt water. After shampooing and rinsing with my regular shampoo, I poured the mixture over my head and smooshed it around. I let it rest for a minute or two and then rinsed it out with cold water, supposedly to seal the hair. No conditioner needed. But be warned, I got a little in my eye and damn, it stung.

For real, my hair is so shiny right now. And the smell of vinegar is gone now that my hair is dry. And if you're worried about the smell, a couple of recipes have herbal infusions or optional drops of essential oils like tea tree or lavender. Most of the recipes recommend using the mixture no more than once a week. I think I'll start doing it once a month.

Your personal home remedy tester,


p.s. it's elvis' birthday. here's a tribute to his dreaminess


  1. elvis is such a babe

  2. i was thinking the exact same thing, jv.

    alice this sounds awesome i wanna try it so i can have shiny hair like you and elvis

  3. I've done this a couple times now and today when mixing it up I dropped an apple cinnamon herbal tea bag in and let it steep and it totally counteracted the while your hair is still wet smell.

    And my hair is super shiny.