Wednesday, January 26

If I were President

GOOD Magazine and 247 Townhall made the video series "If I were president" back in 2008. I found a few of them stalking George Watsky on youtube, he made one and his is ok. But I really like Mos Def's. My favorite parts of his campaign are the free breakfast for kids everywhere, and the 100 year ban on using the phrases "In the club", "droppin it like it's hot", and "shortie".



  1. If I was President: gay marriage legalized immediately, no more potholes ever, no politician would be allowed to be paid more than any teacher


  2. I love how he says that all professional athletes and etc have to do mandatory community service or else they pay like double taxes! Also -those are great jv

  3. JV, I'd rock that vote. And yeah, this is a great testament to how truly amazing I find Mos Def. - fp