Wednesday, January 26

Oregon Trail Days and Twitter

       I don't know about everyone else, but back around second grade I was totally nuts over Oregon Trail. I used to go into my Dad's office sit in his super comfy chair, and get down on some serious covered wagon fun with me and whichever friend's of mine I thought should be going on such an important adventure with me. Sure it was tough, sometimes you have to shoot some bison, sometimes you're mom gets typhoid, but gosh was it a good time.

Internet superpower Facebook has announced today that it will be releasing a version of Oregon Trail. Skeptical? Check out this video. It's mezmorizing and it makes me get that excited warm feeling like when you watch old episodes of Rugrats.

Pretty great huh? You can all be expecting an invite from me on Facebook to join in my covered wagon trek to Independence Rock. There's also a Carmen Sandiego game that's being released if that's anyone's thing.

PS. I know I'm 3 years late but I just started using Twitter. It's pretty awesome. (Our blog even has it!) My user name is jilllllll . Get on it!



  1. I'm on the serious lookout to get my 12 year abstinence from carmen Sandiago fix.

    i think its why i love redheads.


  2. there was totally a basic version of this on facebook a few years ago that i was constantly playing while i worked in goodell.
    this one looks way sweeter. jill, i want to be in your wagon.

  3. im totes ready to try to ford the rivers and end up shooting way to many buffalo, oregon trail is so addicting.

  4. i LOOOOVE carmen sandiego!! i cant wait to play.

    sadly i dont have many childhood memories of oregon trail. my school was down with operation neptune, this sweet math/submarine game with scary sharks.