Tuesday, January 18

A giant drunken puppet

I've been meaning to write about Vulture, New York Magazine's daily entertainment section online, which has great stories and commentary on TV shows and pop culture, plus sweet scoops, see their Spiderman section. The specialize in funny slide shows with commentary at the side with all sorts of themes like 10 greatest rapper face tattoos and 8 greatest wrong lost theories or Blake Lively's Breast Looks (long, but entertaining).

Well now I have a worthy reason to tell you about Vulture, because today it brought me this. This video left me totally confused and bemused. I tried to do some research on it, but no one had anything to say other than the puppet's name is Arthur and he's in Ireland. I don't know how it is maneuvered. I don't know who made it. But here's the video, as provided by Vulture, and here's the article they had on it.

Anyone with info should forward them to Plus1Press,



  1. i wish there were way more giant puppets. also albert is quite the dancer.


  2. i really hope i run into him when i'm in ireland in february. i'll at least do some research with the locals for ya al.

  3. Call me crazy, but I'm not convinced that's a puppet.