Thursday, January 6

Bad. Ass.

One of the greatest fight scenes, possibly all movie scenes, ever is from a Thai movie called The Protector (Tom-Yum-Goong).

This scene is filmed in all one shot, no cuts, no wires. Just stuntmen and a camera guy in great shape. It took them 8 times to film it, and only on the last try did they get it all right.



  1. this shit is crazy!! my favorite is when the guys doing a side split on top of the door frame.

    amazing stunt man, but holy shiz the camera man is super talented. how the hell did he keep up?

  2. i agree with izzy, that split is sick.

    how did he hold the camera steady going up stairs? that is nuts.

  3. i liked when he closed the door on the guys head early on. also throwing the guy off the balcony into the tiki hut or whatever, dang. good fight.

  4. and the best thing is that this is all for an elephant he is trying to find and rescue. it's a great movie.