Friday, January 21

Look Around You! - Water.

Want To Learn Everything You Didn't Know About Water?

This is an episode of an old British farce television show written by Robert Popper and Peter Serafinowicz (I don't know if those names have any significance to people, they certainly didn't to me); poking fun at old educational broadcasts.

Notice how his hand becomes increasingly burned and shaking. Also notice their use of portmanteau (the mixing of two words or phrases to make one word; chill + relax = chillax; jean + shorts = jorts; or in this case, thants and blants), and their use of pencils to point things out. They are a common themes throughout the whole show's running.



  1. that was posted by johnny b bergin. just so everyone knows. he had me watch it first and i pointed out the guy sticking his hand straight into the beaker of boiling water. hilarious. the 9:12 minutes it worth it.

  2. I like Look Around You - Maths.

    that hand is freaky

  3. agh i thought this post was so good!