Friday, January 7

Bourdain in Boston

Promo image for Tony's Boston webcast
Anthony Bourdain is one of my favorites, so I was super excited when I heard he would be filming a Boston episode of his Travel Channel show No Reservations all this week.

Thankfully he also took over his show's Twitter account this week so I've been able to read Tony's personal account of his time in Boston. Bourdain is a native New Yorker, but he apparently loves Boston, especially Southie (shout out Ev & Meg!). Here are some of his more entertaining tweets:

"Grinder at Rondo's followed by Murphy's Law, L Street and the magnificent Quencher. I feel skull- fucked."
"After malpractice by "Dr. McGillicutty", Ruffino and I needed brain food. Belle Isle for seafood. Situation improved."
"Candlepin bowling in Southie. While getting hooted at by scores of Sox fans. Bad for the concentration. Outcome uncertain."

Tony also did a live webcast on Wednesday from the aforementioned Rondo's which was broadcasted on his Facebook account. He answered questions posted by fans, and the best was his response to the question "What's the best cure for a hangover?" to which Tony replied:
"Asprin, a joint, and spicy food. Oh and coke. Coca Cola."
Word. Can't wait to see the show!


  1. I love that he has to clarify that he means coca cola when says coke is a good hangover cure.

  2. yeah with his History I guess he needs to specify.

    Me and Meg went to the quencher the Night after he was there.its a block from our place. cool spot. really small. just big enough for a Bar and ten feet to the wall.

    we didnt get any food cause it was late and we were drunk.

    its such a small local spot that if you want to stay past 1 they just lock the door and you can stay all night.

    Hit me up if anyone wants to go to the quencher! and if you want to go to L street... hit someone else up.