Sunday, January 9

Red Box Success

While home for the holidays, I had my first red box encounters and lemme tell you, they were epically succesful. If you have't seen the following movies, get on it. The red box by cumby's at four corners in westford has all of them.

1. How to Train Your Dragon
2. Easy A (hysterical---especially her parents)
3. Scott Pilgrim vs the World

Also--saw Black Swan at $6 Tuesday in Lowell and it is STILL creeping me out. I somehow got a cut on one of my fingers that tore off a bit of skin and I flipped a little when I noticed it stinging.

There are so many good movies out and coming out soon--- thank goodness for pirated versions online. Movie cinemas are WAYYY overpriced in Vienna.



  1. also The Fighter is bomb and Machete was real good

  2. i LOOOVED black swan, and im usually a total wimp about scary movies.

    also, pretty much everyone i went to see black swan with, including myself, got weird cuts/scrapes on our fingers in the days following. weird! its like a side effect of viewing the movie at this point...

  3. that is SO WEIRD izzy!! makes me feel a little better though, i'm not the only one.