Saturday, January 22

We Miss Heath Ledger

Today is the third anniversary of Heath Ledger's tragic death. It was a terrible day. Alice had to sit through an endless hair cut, while the hair dressers talked nonchalantly about his death. John watched Lords of Dogtown and drank every time Heath came on screen, which turned out to be impossible, frankly he's the star of the movie. John passed out halfway through. We wish he was still making great movies and looking totally babelicious.

Here are two of our favorite Heath moments. We couldn't include the entirety of Brokeback Mountain or his transformative performance in Lords of Dogtown, or his turn as William as Ulrich von Lichtenstien in A Knight's Tale. What is your favorite Heath moment?

10 Things I Hate About You

The Dark Knight

Heath, we never wanna quit you,

-the V's


  1. i loved him soooo much.
    10 things i hate about you was my favorite movie for a solid 5 years and heath's song is the best part.

    and i STILL need to see brokeback mountain!!


  2. I think my fav is Lords of Dogtown, but he was great in I'm Not There too.

    Thinking about him now is such a bummer.