Thursday, January 27

The Only Way to Travel

Before I read any of these posts I always scroll down and see who is writing it so I can have their voice in my head as I read, if you are the same way let me save you .3 seconds by saying this is a BJK post, so without further ado....

Just like any blue blooded American, I'm unemployed, and spend my days scouring craigslist for any signs of a job. I started out with specific searches that played towards my strengths, past work experiences, and location. But these days I pretty much open up the jobs page and just start scrolling. This might explain why some of you periodically receive emails with craigslist links from me (Izzy, saw a copyrighting one today but it didn't seem like a good fit, lots of computer tech mumbo jumbo)

But the one that I want to bring to everyones attention can be found right HERE. A company called Walking Tree Travel is seeking out college graduates to travel to foreign countries with high school students as a tour guide/ chaperone type person. They not only pay for your travel expenses but they also pay YOU! The only hang up (and the main reason I think I'm out of the running) is they want you to be able to speak the language of the country your visiting pretty fluently, they also like people who have travelled extensively.

If anyone is interested you can apply online; if you click on this link.

annnd because posts without pictures aren't any fun, I think this looks really cool,

"Sour Outlook Briefly Disarmed By Oh Holy Shit Life Is Beautiful Type Of Moment"
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  1. Pretty much my dream job. I went on an adventure trip like this to Hawaii when I was younger with AAVE, and applyed for a job with them a couple of summers ago but didn't get it. I guess the company changed their name recently but their website is They go to all different kinds of places in the US so you would only need to speak English for those and they also have specialty trips like ones that are heavy on biking.RELEVANT? You should check it out if you want to get out of town this summer.

  2. that picture is great im wicked jealous and am totes gonna copy that way of drawing a person