Saturday, September 3

Make Your Own Any Color Chalkboard

I've been on a DIY tear thanks to Pinterest, which, for real, if you haven't joined I'll have a hard time having a conversation with you. It's been awesome making sweet stuff every day. Some things have worked out (watch for homemade lip gloss and delicious risotto tutorials on EdZachery) and some have not (alas, that lace headband did not stay on my head). And it's time to share with you lazy, non-pinning bastards, because I love you.

Yes, that is a yellow chalkboard.
Guess what, you can make chalkboard paint in ANY COLOR! I'm talking any paint you have on hand, readily available, in the rainbow tone of your choice can turn ANY SURFACE into a straight up chalkboard. FOR REAL. ok, enough excitement, let's do this shit.

Step one. Pick your paint.
It should be an appropriate paint for the surface, probably and I doubt you could find a way to make spray paint work. But other than that, any paint. 

Step two. Gather the other supplies.
A) Un-sanded tile grout. You can find it in any hardware store and maybe other places, I got mine at Ace. It cost three dollars and I'll be able to make tons and tons of batches of chalkboard paint. You can borrow mine.
B) Something to mix it all up in, I used a mason jar as they have handy measuring cup lines.
C) A paint brush. I used a mini roller brush, but I'm pretty sure whatever painting implement you have around the house will work.
D)Stirrer. If you have a paint stirrer wooden stick thing, AWESOME. But if not, use anything you don't mind ruining that is appropriate..
E) Something to paint. The possibilities are endless. Cardboard, wall, cabinet door, trashcan. Go nuts.
That's it.

Step three. Mix it up.
Pour one (1) cup of paint into your container. Put in two (2) tablespoons of un-sanded tile grout into your container. Stir. Try to get the clumps broken up, this is not pancake mix, lumps are bad. They make clumps of un-colorful chalkboard. Bad.

Step Four. Paint.
Paint it on. I did two coats. Live your life the way you choose.

 Step Five. Prime the board.
Once the paint is completely dry, rub a piece of chalk all over the board, getting a thin layer of chalk everywhere. Wipe this off with damp cloth.

Step Six. You now own a super colorful awesome chalkboard.
If you don't know what to do now, I'm not friends with you. 


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