Friday, September 23

How I Feel About Hugh Jackman

I like Hugh Jackman. His appearance on Inside the Actors Studio where he explains how he learned to sing, the time that he nailed his face on a building because his zipline wouldn't stop, and swordfish make me like him. The Wolverine movie wasn't his fault, obviously they should have taken any time period from the amazing montage and made THAT movie instead of the Gambit is horribly miscast and why does Sabertooth look like that mess they made. Kate and Leopold is an amazing movie. Real Steel, it looks bad. I will not be seeing it until its on TBS on a Saturday early afternoon. Besides the best part of Real Steel already happened anyways. Hugh Jackman went on WWE RAW to promote it and punched a wrestler right in the face. The punch doesn't look like a standard wrestling punch, he doesn't stomp his foot at all, and it turns out he might have broke the wrestler's jaw.

The best part is that for his wrestling costume Hugh Jackman definitely went with what he was wearing plus a turquoise bandanna.

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