Wednesday, September 14

The Radio

I love this song. I heard it at work. We have a radio going all day, until I turn it off near the end of the day and its glorious. I usually turn it on in the morning to kiss108 and then the channel gets changed each time someone is close enough to the knob for the rest of the day. It keeps it lively and I still get to hear rolling in the deep a few times a day. Everyday I'll hear an awesome song like secret agent man, or turn the page, or runaway and silently thank The Radio for the next 4 minutes of not paying attention I'll be doing. Recently this song came on. It was love from the beginning. Its "upside down" by Diana Ross and shes killing it. The lyrics get a little weird in the verses. You won't notice until the fifth time you're listening to it and thinking about how cool Disco probably was.

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  1. oh shit, I used to LOVE this song. My mom is a huge Diana Ross (pre-craziness) fan.