Friday, September 16

The Man in Black Project

Always always always been a big Johnny Cash fan. So, the fact that I had to learn about this from one of those (deeply moving) Google Chrome ads made me embarassed.

Johnny Cash's last recorded studio album had this outstanding song Ain't No Grave Can Hold My Body Down (how fuckin BOSS is that title?) and he died before any video could be made for it. So, a group of genius fans decided to keep his spirit alive by making it a fan-created video of shots of older videos. Each frame of the video can be downloaded as a picture and you can contribute by drawing YOUR VERSION of the still frame. Its added to an archive, and your frame becomes part of the video as it plays.

Millions have contributed and what that means is that when you hit play, you never watch the same vid twice.  If you click the link right now, you can be a part of his video.

(this blows my mind berries EVERYTIME)

Check it out and for God's sake CONTRIBUTE!

Yours in badassity,

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