Tuesday, August 30

Planking VS. Owling

As I think you all know, planking has become a sport of choice to hipsters and humans alike when faced with a flat surface, a camera, and nothing to do. However, sometimes people get the idea in their head to plank on less-than-flat surfaces, like these folks here:

So nice, it could be a post card.

That just doesn't look comfortable, or hygienic.

 This girl isn't even planking well. And she's wearing Uggs on an obvi warm day. This shows how far planking has invaded society.

And yet, despite all the planking that has been occurring, there has been another phenomenon sweeping youth culture and the nation called Owling. Here, take a look:

Spidey does it like no other.

Because who respects any aspect of Canada, right?

Even Ewatz does it, and we all know how I feel about her.

So, we are now faced with a decision. Take your pick. Planking or Owling. But whichever you choose, just remember that Emma Watson loves people that Owl, and that if you're planking, don't wear Uggs at the same time.



  1. So, what youre telling me is that its become a sport to lie on a flat surface? And take pictures of it to try and out-hipster your friends? And crouching is another sport?

    Officially a curmudgeon,


  2. yeah dog, planking is HUGE. they do it all over the world, it's really strange to me.
    emma watson looks hot owling.

  3. the best plank i ever say was ED at work because he remembered to point his toes.