Wednesday, September 21

Troy Davis Execution Delayed Temporarily (UPDATED)

(11:18 PM 9/21/11) Media witnesses report that Troy Davis' last words maintained his innocence. 

(11:15 PM 9/21/11) Troy Davis Pronounced dead at 11:08 PM EST on September 21, 2011 after a lethal execution.

(10:33 PM 9/21/11) Update: The Supreme Court has refused to block the execution. Not one justice dissented. No explanation was offered, just that the application was denied. It is unknown as of now when the execution will take place, possibly with in the hour. 

(7:30 PM 9/21/11) Breaking news: The Supreme Court have delayed the execution of Troy Davis while they review the case and consider a stay of execution.

Davis was scheduled for execution at 7:00 pm, local time in Jackson, Georgia, and we are just now learning that it has been delayed. There is no official word on how long the delay will be or if a stay will be granted.

Check out Democracy Now! for streaming coverage or @democracynow for up to date accurate news on the fight for Troy Davis.

This is still developing, the stay may be a reprieve, but for now, Troy Davis is still alive.


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