Monday, September 12

Queen Madge hates Hydrangeas, ok?!

Divas usually make their mark with outlandish clothes, hair, shoes and behavior. Once established that behavior or look eventually becomes ordinary to us. At this point Gaga wearing pants is more interesting than Gaga naked. And this may not be the moment to say this, but I was completely captivated by Lady Gaga's performance at the VMAs monologue included. If you haven't watched it, get on it now, because that is commitment to a performance and she is absolutely a genius.

That being said it's kind of refreshing to see Madonna using her status as a queen diva by doing something rude and having people love it. For example, whispering in a fake British accent about hating the kind of flowers some fan just gave you, next to a microphone.

And then, after getting a lot of press about this, she posted an apology. Or did she?

That's my girl.

Also, another way to be a diva: Stand still and bring the house down. Observe:

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  1. Adele's performance needs every other diva needs to step her performance game up.

  2. I like how you can obviously see at some points that she's nervous.

    Like...REALLY?! You're fucking Adele and you're KILLIN IT and every other act right now WORSHIPS you. And she's a lil' nervous. And gracious. Crazy.

    I think she is one of the best things that's happened to music in a long time. But her album makes me want to give her a big hug.

    - fp