Friday, September 23


YO, okay. Maybe I was out of the loop. Maybe you're also out of the loop.

Did anyone else know this was actually happening?

NEWSIES: The Musical??!?!

Welp, a friend of mine just went to see it and said it was outstanding, but that the story is a little different. Its at this community theater in NJ which is essentially professional. (Its a community theater where only equity actors can perform or work the show...yannow?) Now, considering the names attached to this show (Alan Menken, Harvey Fierstein) and the fact that its at this particular theater means its going to Broadway. The Paper Mill Playhouse used to be where I took tap dancing classes, but now its been the minor leagues that develop shows like Mary Poppins and Spiderman.

So, here's the cast performing on the View. Cant wait to buy my tickets while they're still only $25.

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  1. Sorry, blogged courtesy of fisti and the history teacher who blew my mind this AM.

  2. damn that looks amazing. those boys can DANCE!
    you have to port a review after you see it!

  3. love the paper mill playhouse!

    -SD 07079