Friday, September 23

Jonah Hill has Beef with Mr. Schu

Jonah Hill is kind of on a roll right now. He's super skinny, and loving it. He has a movie coming out this weekend with definite Oscar potential (I'm seeing it in the next 30 hours, if you're interested), not to mention Brad Pitt. He's starring in his own movie later this fall that looks hilarious. And he is still wicked funny.

Oh, afraid he's not funny, because he's skinny? Wrong. See below. Watch both parts. Try not to choke on your laughter like JV did.

The first 4 minutes are also funny, like getting faked out on a Randy Jackson hug. But if you want just the beef go straight to the 4th minute.

Second half, only gets funnier. This is when he really gets mad.

"Yo Matthew Morrison, you better bring your shit next time I see you, dude. I'd like to see him sing his way out of this one."

Let's hope when these two finally meet up, Ryan Gosling is there to stop the fight.

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  1. mr. schu grosses me out and ruins any scene he is in until it is saved by a student. if a student doesnt save it the scene stays ruined. I hope jonah hill beats his silly chin in.