Monday, September 12

Hidden Talents

There is a teacher at my high school from Europe. She teaches French. Her name is France.

(I woulda inserted a thumbnail of her here, but I don't have one)

One of the most interesting things about this woman is her incredible hidden talent. So, yea she's foreign and glamorous and speaks French, which I think is a big enough deal. But, she's also an incredible artist. She's serious about it too, and sells her stuff on etsy. She's got a real thing for drawing cars.

Here's a picture she made of my dog. ON HER IPHONE.
(made on a fuckin' iPhone)

(her daughter's view from the potty)

(a girl from her class)

Her blog is called wagonized (not sure why), but I think she's pretty great. It amazes me that she's not teaching art. So, I started to wonder...what hidden talents do other people have? Does that cop have an outstanding voice? Or is this bank teller a good breakdancer? You never know.

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  1. That IS your dog homegirl. crazy.

    honestly though, her name is France? That's craziest.

  2. if i could draw anything as cool as the view from her bathroom just once id be cool with it.

    i would never be able to learn anything from a teacher who's name was the same as their subject.